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High Himalayan Motorcycle Tours

2 week and 3 week Itineraries Available

The Himalayas – the very name conjures up images of imposing, snow capped peaks, raging rivers, tranquil lakes, beautiful valleys with dense forests, far-flung villages sprinkled along ever winding roads, uncharted terrains and the resilient people of this mystical & majestic region.

The Spiti & Ladakh regions have a lot in common and both share a similar physical & cultural character. In fact it is just a political boundary which separates the two regions. Both also enjoy the reputation of being one of the last remaining places in India (accessible by road) offering pristine mountain terrain besides retaining its idyllic charm and serenity. (Both are also called “Little Tibet” because of their resemblance to the terrain, climate & culture of Tibet)

Till the early 1990s, the region did not see a major footfall in tourists, and that demographic was primarily limited to families and relatives of Indian armed forces personnel stationed there.  These region were  also beyond limits for foreign tourists – either due to restrictions or the inaccessibility due to it’s remoteness.  However, popularity of the wonders of its awe-inspiring grandeur started to gain volume specially when Bollywood began to shoot their motion pictures with greater regularity in the region.

Some of the most treacherous roads meander their way through these intimidating mountains going over some very high passes ranging from 4500 to 5000 m above sea level (over some of the highest motorable roads) and crossing some very furious rivers over bridges constructed at some of the most unimaginable places by the unshakable Border Road Organization and the Indian Army. Since the roads are single-lane and intermittently paved it’s a roller-coaster ride of high-altitude passes, wash-outs, creek-crossings, landslides, glacial melts and broken bridges. Travelling through this region by road requires love for adventure and a certain amount of tenacity against the odds.

Our tours take you to the most stunning locations in the region some of them located above 4500 m above sea level and over some very high passes. Also, our tours are not rushed. Check out our itineraries and you’ll see that they give you sufficient time for rest, sight-seeing or exploration.

A quick look at what we offer on our tours:

  • Motorcycle Tours in the region on Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 EFI Motorcycles (in immaculate condition)
  • Completely hassle free journeys – we take care of all the “logistics” including “inner-line permits, Motorcycles, Accommodations, spares & gears, experienced support staff (Ride leader & mechanics) and support vehicles etc.
  • All tours are ex-New Delhi so you can “arrive” and “depart” with convenience.
  • Motorcycle riding starts/ends at the scenic hill town of Shimla – No need to deal with the heat, chaos & traffic of New Delhi
  • Carefully selected local points of interest, sightseeing/ side-trips & cultural experiences.
  • Meet & Greet and Farewell Add-on services
  • Information & Assistance with onward travel

Himalayan Grand (22 days)

Ride your Royal Enfield through the mighty Himalayas over some of the highest passes in the Spiti Valley & Ladakh (upto 5320 M). Spend 3 whole weeks among spectacular Himalayan scenery & test exactly what you’re made of. We have created an itinerary with a little bit for everyone; from serious riders to those who like to immerse in culture & tradition. A motorcycle journey you will remember for the rest of your life ! Riding starts and ends at Shimla (2200 M).

Himalayan Grand (22 days)

This is a repeat of the Himalayan Grand-1 tour, being our most popular itinerary of the region. Starting the motorcycle ride at Shimla (2200 M) you will be ascending gradually everyday. From Sangla valley (2800 M), to Kaza (3680 M), to Tso Kar (4500 M) and over some spectacular high passes like Baralacha La (4900 M), Lachulung La (5060 M) & Tanglang La (5340 M). We guarantee loads of adventure and a holiday of a lifetime !!

The Spiti Circuit (15 days)

The shorter of the 2 versions of our Himalayan Moto Adventures but very popular nonetheless. This 2-week itinerary has a good variety of motorcycle riding, scenery and culture; the beautiful Sangla-Baspa valley and it’s apple orchards, imposing snow-capped peaks of Kinnaur, the monasteries & “out of this world” landscape of the Spiti Valley and lush green vistas of the Kullu region. Riding starts and ends at Shimla (2200 M).

Himalayan Essentials
  • DRIVING LICENSE (Rider): Full and valid for min 411 cc motorcycle
  • INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT (Rider): Obtain from your country of residence.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: Must cover riding motorcycles overseas for leisure
  • PROPER RIDING BOOTS - Preferably water-proof High Ankle
  • HELMET - We’d prefer if you brought your own
* Please note that if your riding gear doesn’t include proper padding OR if you choose not to wear one (specially on warm days), please bring separate Knee & Elbow guards.

  • RAIN-SUIT (Full) - if your riding gear is not water-proof
  • BALACLAVA (to protect from dust & insects)
  • MEDICINES/DRUGS (LEGAL) Carry prescriptions with you.
  • SLEEPING BAG/ LINER (if you are finicky about a used one)
  • SCARF / BANDANA (to protect face/neck)
  • YOUR FAVOURITE BOTTLE OF LIQUOR & COFFEE you might find Indian spirits & coffee "unsavoury"
Please note: On all our tours the space on the support vehicles is limited.
Hence, we request that you limit your baggage to 25 KG.
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