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On 15 March 2013, our Himalayan tour featured in an article in Ultimate Motorcycling magazine titled “Destination: The Himalayas”. More on our “In the Media” page...

Chris Gillard toured with us in Rajasthan in FEB 2013. “A motorcycle tour through Rajasthan is an amazing way to see India”, he writes in The West Australian, in an article published on 04 April 2013. It was followed by another article featuring our tours (& pics by Chris) on 11 Apr. Click here to see the 3 pages.  

David Williams did a 2-week motorcycle tour of the Himalayas with us in AUG 2013. Australian Motorcyclist Magazine’s DEC 2013 issue featured an article by him (MOUNTAIN HI, By Royal Enfield through the Himalayas) in which he narrates a candid account of his experiences on the tour. Click Here to download a PDF copy of the pages of this magazine. Visit our “In the Media” webpage for more stories about us and our tours...

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