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Spreading Joy... on 2-wheels
riding for a cause

As part of our effort to bring more benefit to the regions we tour in, we organize help for schools, orphanages & other such institutions along our routes. We believe that better education and better living standards are the key to a better future for these under-privileged citizens of our country. Whenever and wherever possible we search & select such a place which falls along our route and take much needed help to them in the form of books & stationery, clothing, medical supplies, sports equipment, kitchen & dinning equipment etc. Although this is a very recent project started by Atul on his tours, contributions collected by riders on a few previous tours have already helped a few schools build toilets, safe drinking water facilities, lighting & fans, classroom & hostel furniture, computers, library books etc. Since we are not a NGO or a typical charity organization, there is zero administrative cost and 100% of the funds go straight where they should. Our process is simple - A. We accept voluntary contributions to add to funds we have already set aside from our annual profits for charity; B. We make arrangements to buy things required by the selected school/orphanage/institution; C. We visit them along with the group and deliver it to them. Besides 100% delivery, this also helps keep 100% transparency. In addition, when we ride to these schools (wherever possible) the kids (& adults alike) are delighted to see the bikes & the riders !!… that’s why we named it “Spreading Joy on 2-wheels”.

If you are wondering why this web page is hiding here… here’s the reason. A lot of tour companies are accused (sometimes rightly) of using charity as a marketing tool to sell their tours with little actually making it to the needy. Hence, we specifically do not promote this on our home page or in any of our communications with prospective customers. Atul’s mantra is clear - by choosing us for your tour, you have already contributed to our efforts to help under-privileged people of our homeland. However, you might get the opportunity to chip-in a bit more, if you want. Following are some photos of from our previous such efforts…

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