To participate as a rider an individual has to be between 18 years to 75 years (at the time of the tour), holding valid full motorcycle driving license authorizing him/her to ride a 411cc/500cc motorcycle.   To participate as a co-rider on the pillion an individual has to be equal or above the age of 12 years at the time of the tour and to participate as a passenger in the support vehicle an individual has to be equal or above the age of 05 years at the time of the tour (minors will need authorization of adult/guardians, children between 5 - 12 years will require an adult guardian to accompany when travelling as a passenger in support vehicle).  Participants shall be expected to be in reasonable health to meet the demands of the respective region they choose to tour (please read advisories).

It will depend on the tour/region you are looking at.  Conditions in India can challenge your skills if you have never ridden a motorcycle in similar conditions.  We want our riders to be fully aware of the conditions expected and the skills/ experience required to deal with them.  Therefore, we have a separate “advisory” for each of our tour regions.  Please read the “advisory” for the respective tour/region you are looking at before signing-up/committing to the tour.  As a general guide, if you do not have at least 3-4 years (<10,000 Km) of motorcycle riding experience, you should consider things very carefully.   For the <strong>High Himalayan Tours</strong>: Please note that touring in the High Himalayas on a motorcycle involves considerable amount of riding on un-paved/dirt track/loose gravel/wet mud type surfaces as well as creek crossings, some of which can range between moderate to difficult. Riders need to have confidence in their riding skills/experience to be able to handle their bikes under such conditions.  We would expect that you have at least  some off road skills before you consider registering for these tours.  Further, for the routes which involve being at high altitudes (above 3500 M) and spending consecutive nights at ~4500 M, a certain level of health/fitness is a pre-requisite so if you suffer from any preexisting condition which could be detrimental to your health, we suggest speaking to your doctor/GP before registering. Write to us if you have doubts or need further clarifications.

It varies from region to region.  On our Rajasthan & Kerala tours, wi-fi/ internet is available at almost all hotels we stay.  On the Uttarakhand & Sikkim tours, it's available at most hotels we stay except 1 or 2 locations where internet/phone networks could be erratic/unreliable.  However, on the High Himalayan Tours, on 3-4 days when we stay at high altitude camps, even electricity is not available or is unreliable. If it is vital that you need electrical power every night, please speak to us before booking.  Laundry services are available across all regions at almost all hotels we stay a minimum of 2 nights.

We have carefully selected some good mid-range hotels on our tours and at some places we stay in "luxury" hotels/ heritage mansions or "glamping" camps.  Our selected hotels on the Rajasthan tours end up becoming one of the highlight of the tour for some, mainly for their charm and comfort.  Our Kerala tours have the highest percentage of "luxury" hotels on the tour.  In the Himalayas, however, at a location or two we have to stay in some basic accommodation as options are very limited (specially at desolate locations at very high altitudes).  We always book the best accommodation we can in the area for a reasonable price.   Rooms are priced on a “twin-share” basis, that is, accommodation for two people in a twin-bedded room. If you are travelling alone we will do our best to put you with an acceptable roommate of the same sex. If you wish to have a single room, you may purchase a single supplement Add-On. Please note: if you are the last person to book a tour and have opted for twin-share, it is likely that you will have to have a room on your own and will consequently be liable for the single supplement. It is therefore advised that you 1) bring a roommate with you and 2) book early. Please specify any room requirements at the time of booking.

Just send us a message through one of our Contact Forms or email us directly and we shall reply with our Registration form.  Once your registration is complete, we shall send you an Invoice for the tour/services opted.  If there is more than 3 months to the tour date, a 25% advance payment shall suffice to secure your spot on the tour.

Yes, pillions are most welcome to use the support vehicle(s). However, in case of large groups (rare) where there could be big no of pillions (even rarer), if it is not possible to accommodate all pillions in the support vehicles at the same time, it shall be done on a rotational basis.

Based on customer feedback, we've had both opinions. Most have found the seats completely fine. But there have been some cases where the riders/pillions felt varying degrees of discomfort on long days. However, there is no doubt in the fact that you will be better off with some kind of "motorcycle seat pads/cushions" like the "AIRHAWK". You need not buy an AIR HAWK seat just for a tour with us as we can provide these for a very reasonable rent for the duration of your tour.

We only accept Pillion riders along with a rider. It means if you are an individual looking to join our tour as a co-rider on the pillion you'll need to have a "rider" on our tour who agrees to take you as a pillion. Riders who agree to take a pillion with them should be confident of handling the extra weight (specially on the Himalayan tours) which is actually easier to do on our guided tours since the luggage is being hauled by the support vehicle. For those who want to join the tour but not to ride, it is possible to book a place in a support vehicle as a passenger.

Passport (valid for at least 6 months past the intended period of stay in India). Indian Tourist Visa: Citizens of 166 countries are now eligible for a e-Tourist Visa which can be obtained online.  It should be obtained online before travelling to India.  It can be applied for as late as 1 week before intended date of arrival in India (processing time: generally 36-48 hours). (Click here to go to Official Visa website of Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India) However, we suggest that you do not leave this for the last week ! Travel insurance: Should cover you for riding of a motorcycle in India for leisure.

Yes, a valid full motorcycle driver license (authorising you to ride a 411cc/500cc motorcycle) are mandatory for riders to take part in our tours; however, they are not required for the co-rider on the pillion or passengers travelling in support vehicles. Also, make sure you obtain the International Driving Permit (IDP) from your country of citizenship since it is not issued to foreigners in India.  Before joining the tour/ arriving in India, you'll require to obtain a travel insurance which covers you for riding a motorcycle (for leisure) in India.  Some standard travel insurance policies do not cover this and it has to be obtained as an add-on.

No. ABoriginal Tours provides motorcycles on the tour, the rent for which is included in the price of the tour. Infact, if you compare our tour prices with others you'll find that the motorcycles are coming virtually free !

ABoriginal Tours does not allow "own motorcycles" on the tours. Also, please note that motorcycle riding on our "organized tours" is done in a sort of "convoy" formation between the ride leader in the front and back-up vehicle(s) with support crew at the rear (as sweeper). No independent riding is allowed during the tour.

Our support vehicles follow the group during the tours. If your partner prefers, he or she can join our tour as a passenger in one of these vehicles which range from a SUV to mini-bus. This option is as enjoyable as touring by car and allows both the rider and his or her partner to enjoy the tour and absorb the scenery in comfort. In addition to the great riding on these tours, there are many things to do and places to enjoy.

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