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Hi, my name’s Atul Bhardwaj – and thanks for visiting AB original Tours. I was born and raised in New Delhi, but after completing my formal education I grew tired of the city and wanted to experience the rest of my home country. Setting off across the sub-continent on buses, trains, bikes and even my own two feet, I travelled to popular sites, explored off the beaten track, and ended up in places I’ll most definitely return (and some I most definitely wont). I ate with locals, shared beers with tourists and fell in love, a little bit more, with the country I grew up in. And then it hit me. There’s only one way to see the real India – on the back of a motorcycle! The freedom, the views, the experience… breathtaking! But it was also frustrating. From unreliable rentals to dodgy local mechanics, touring India on a bike was much harder than it needed to be. After months of research, (back then) I found the only adventure motorcycle tours offered by locals were run haphazardly and priced exorbitantly. While all others were run by companies from other countries (sometimes acting just as “agents” and making hefty commissions in the process).

the conception & birth of Aboriginal tours - circa 2007
Could I fix it? Yes, I did. AB Original Tours ("AB" being the initials of my name) is a culmination of my passion for adventure, my love for India, and my desire to share it with you, whilst providing a higher standard in value and making only fair profits in the process. Our itineraries have been designed on our vision of comfort, friendliness and adventure that offer excellent value for money.

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Guided Motorcycle Tours in IndiaA Motorcycle journey through the world’s highest Himalayan mountains or the “royal” desert state of Rajasthan requires meticulous planning, painstaking organisation and judicious preparations. Finding a reliable motorcycle, tools & spares, arranging “inner-line” permits, lugging all your stuff on the bike & searching for comfortable & value for money lodging are enough to discourage an otherwise adventurous traveller from embarking on such a quest. This is where we come in. ABoriginal Tours is a small local outfit based in Solan (Himachal Pradesh) with "outposts" in the capital New Delhi, Bharatpur (Rajasthan) & Kochi (Kerala) and expanding. We are a Motorcycle Tour Operator and we do not offer anything except the tours and some add-on services to facilitate the tours. We are neither “agents” nor do we employ the services of “agents” to sell our tours. That way we offer the best services at great value straight to our valued customers. (No… our tours will not make any un-scheduled stops at “Handicraft Shops” and the Taj Mahal is not for sale!). We offer a total experience for the adventurous travelers who have dreamt of traversing this land on a motorcycle but dread the hassles of organizing such a journey on their own.

Why join an organized/ guided tour?

Our Tours have several advantages but three aspects stand out in particular. The first is that in India having a Reliable Motorcycle is crucial to making such a holiday “memorable” rather than “forgettable”. Touring on our well maintained fleet of Royal Enfields and a comprehensive backup makes sure there are no hiccups. Second; our local knowledge and experience saves you tons of hassles & leaves only the exploration & adventure for you to enjoy. And by carefully selecting and arranging comfortable & reasonable lodging and dining locations throughout the tour, we free up more of your valuable vacation time (& money) for riding and having fun. Last, but certainly not the least, our tours give you the chance to enjoy the company of other riders from many parts of the world. Our groups are almost always a wonderful mix of several nationalities (we once had 7 on one tour!!). In addition to enjoying a great motorcycling vacation you'll have an opportunity to gain new friendships that could last a lifetime.

WHY US? (Kinda blowin’ our own horn here!)

We cost less! We’re not run by big corporations keen for a buck. And we're here to give you the best damn adventure you’ve ever had, for less. Check our prices and what’s included in it. Then go ahead and compare with anyone else you find. Our prices offer real value for money without making any compromise towards quality of motorbikes, comfort at hotels, backup or safety.  In fact, at these affordable prices we arrange accommodation at very nice Mid-range and even some luxury hotels, inclusive of Breakfasts & Dinners !

DISINTER-MEDIATION ("cutting out the middleman"):
ABoriginal Tours has no agent or intermediary selling its tours and we deal directly with all our clients. Also, in this age of internet & mobile communication. we don’t have any brick & mortar office. The cost savings get passed on to you.

Book with confidence, your payments are safe with us. All money received by us is kept in a “corpus fund” till the commencement of the tours. Deposits & Refunds are governed by our Booking & Cancellation policies set-forth in an unambiguous & transparent detail in our terms & conditions. In our 12 years in the trade we have never let anyone down. And we would love it if you heard it straight from one of our many previous customers listed on our "Contact us" page who would love to share their experience with you, assure you & remove all doubts.

ABoriginal Tours is TOTALLY “locally” owned & operated outfit. Local knowledge and experience of our guides & backup crew is one of our biggest assets. Besides our Registered office in Solan (Himachal Pradesh) we operate from three "outposts"; one in the capital New Delhi, the other at Bharatpur (Rajasthan) and a third at Kochi (Kerala). Besides, we are a small “family run” unit so you deal with the very same people from the time of booking till the end of the tour.

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