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2 week and 3 week Itineraries Available

It is not possible to describe the “land of kings” in just a few words. Images which come to mind are those of majestic forts & palaces, magnificent “Havelis”, village folk performing their arts, shifting sand dunes in the desert, vibrant cities full of colour & tradition and culturally rich people.

Traversing through this “royal” state on a Royal Enfield is an exhilarating experience. Our itineraries are spread over 2 or 3 weeks and give ample opportunity to the participants to “feel” the pulse of this unique region besides enjoying the sights & sounds on offer on a regular tour. During these tours you will be also staying at some “heritage” properties converted into luxury hotels by erstwhile “royal” families giving you a glimpse of the former grandeur & splendor of this “princely state”.

Some of the highlights of our tours:   The bird sanctuary of Bharatpur (Keoladeo Ghana National Park), “blue” city Jodhpur, “pink” city Jaipur, the “haveli” centre of Nawalgarh and Agra (yes, how can we forget the “Taj Mahal”) are part of all our itineraries.  The other popular destinations (specific to different itineraries) are the Lake city of Udaipur, “the living fort” of Jaisalmer, the Tiger reserve of Ranthambhore,  the “holy” city of Pushkar,  the “hidden” Kumbhalgarh fort, desert city Bikaner, the hill fort of Chittorgarh and the step-wells of Bundi.

Our itineraries are not rushed and daily distances have been carefully planned. This means even on a “riding” day you will be riding for an average of roughly 4-5 hours while a “comfy” room at a beautiful “haveli”/hotel awaits your arrival at the next destination!  And you get enough time to either relax at the pool, have a drink at the bar or just explore more.

The following 4 different itineraries are available, three of which are 2 week itineraries and one is a 3 week “Maharaja” tour.

A quick look at what we offer on our tours:

  • Motorcycle Tours in the region on Royal Enfield Motorcycles (in immaculate condition)
  • Completely hassle free journeys – we take care of all the “logistics”; Motorcycles, Accommodations, spares & gears, experienced support staff (Ride leader & mechanics) and support vehicles etc.
  • All tours are ex-New Delhi so you can “arrive” and “depart” with convenience.
  • Motorcycle riding starts/ends at Bharatpur – No need to deal with the heat, chaos & traffic of New Delhi
  • Carefully selected local points of interest, sightseeing/side trips & cultural experiences.
  • Meet & Greet and Farewell Add-on services
  • Information & Assistance with onward travel

Bullet to the Desert (15 days)
14 N / 15 D itinerary

A 2-week motorcycle tour of Rajasthan which takes you all the to the western most corner of the state and right to the edge of The Thar Desert and to the “living fort” city of Jaisalmer. Besides the capital city of Jaipur and Jodhpur, the itinerary covers some wonderful small towns & villages as you meander through this “melting pot” of India’s history & culture. All our tours finish with a visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal !

The Land of Kings (15 days)
14 N / 15 D Itinerary

Another 2-week itinerary of Rajasthan which touches both the North & South of the state.
From Nawalgarh in the north Western region to the beautiful lake city of Udaipur, it has a bit of both “marwar” and “mewar” regions of this “Kingdom” state of India (not leaving out Jaipur & Jodhpur). Experienced best from the saddle of your Royal Enfield. Finish the tour with a visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal !

Majestic Maharaja Tour (22 days)
21 N / 22 D Itinerary

This 3-week motorcycle tour of Rajasthan does it all. From the north western corner to Jaisalmer and from Udaipur to the Tiger reserve of Ranthambhore, you travel Maharaja style on your Royal Enfield through this “Royal” state. The itinerary brings together wonderful riding, experience the history & culture, food, music & dance. Immerse yourself in India. Finish the tour with a visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal !

Forts, Lakes & Tigers (15 days)
14 N / 15 D Itinerary

Third of our 2-week itineraries, this motorcycle tour of Rajasthan combines both North western and South eastern parts of the state. Ride to the edge of the desert in Nawalgarh, turn south through the spectacular Mehrangarh of Jodhpur, the beautiful Lake city of Udaipur & historic Bundi to arrive at the Tiger reserve of Ranthambhore.  Finish the tour with a visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal !

Rajasthan Essentials
  • DRIVING LICENSE (Rider): Full and valid for min 411 cc motorcycle
  • INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT (Rider): Obtain from your country of residence.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: Must cover riding motorcycle overseas for leisure
  • PROPER RIDING BOOTS - Preferably water-proof High Ankle
  • HELMET - We’d prefer if you brought your own
* Please note that if your riding gear doesn’t include proper padding OR if you choose not to wear one (specially on warm days), please bring separate Knee & Elbow guards.  
  • BALACLAVA (to protect from dust & insects)
  • MEDICINES/DRUGS (LEGAL) Carry prescriptions with you.
  • SCARF / BANDANA (to protect face/neck)
  • YOUR FAVOURITE BOTTLE OF LIQUOR & COFFEE you might find Indian spirits & coffee unsavoury
Please note: On all our tours the space on the support vehicles is limited.
Hence, we request that you limit your baggage to 25 KG.
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