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The following previous customers from different cities around the world are willing to take your queries, remove any doubts and even offer you tips & advice regarding our tours. And they are no ordinary people ! Most of them have not only been on more than one of our tours, but also earned the distinction of having toured on all our tour regions; Himalayan, Rajasthan & Kerala. In other words, they've seen it all. However, our tours always have a few surprises so we've requested them NOT to reveal all ;-)


Hi... I'm Cliff Burr. I live in Heathfield (East Sussex). I did a 3-week Rajasthan tour with Atul in OCT 2013. I was so impressed by the organization of the tours that I had no worries next time when I brought my daughter (then 13 yrs) as a pillion for a 3-week Himalayan tour in JUL 2015. Couldn't wait to do another tour with AB original Tours and when Atul decided to start tours in Kerala, I did another one in Jan 2019. Write to me at: and I'll provide you my phone numbers and fix a convenient time for both of us for a chat.


Hi... I'm Mike Starr. I live in Bucknell (Shropshire). I'm also another one of Atul's customers who couldn't wait to return. I did a 3-week Rajasthan tour in FEB 2016 and returned for the 3-week Himalayan tour in JUL 2017. Write to me at: and I'll provide you my phone number and fix a convenient time to for both of us for a chat.


Hi... my name is Tom Ripley. I live in Victoria (B.C). I did Atul's 3-week Rajasthan tour in 2013 and couldn't wait too long to return. So I did a 3-week Himalayan one in 2014. Feel free to call me any day of the week before 9 pm. My cell phone no is 1-250 708-0506. However, it would be great if you wrote to me at so that we can fix a convenient time for both of us.

New Zealand

Hi... we're Lynn Baker & Rex Haslip from Auckland. We first came on Atul's 3-week Himalayan Tour in 2013 and since then we've done two 3-week Rajasthan Tours with Atul.  And in Jan 2019, we couldn't stop ourselves from coming on a tour of Kerala as well.  Feel free to talk to us for any doubts. Call us on home number between 9am and 9pm Sat - Sun NZ time: +64 9 267 3548.  Call us on mobiles between 9am and 9pm any day of the week: Lynn +64 27 279 4494, Rex +64 274 737 423


Hi... I'm Chris Martin. I live in Canberra. I, along with my wife Rose riding pillion, did Atul's 3-week Himalayan tour in JUL 2015. It was an "experience of a lifetime". Craving for more of India, we returned in FEB 2017 to do the 3-week Rajasthan tour and had a fabulous time.  And when Atul contacted to inform us that he's doing tours in Kerala, we jumped on the first opportunity and did one in Dec 2018.  Feel free to call me anytime and I'll be more than happy to answer your queries about Atul's tours. My mobile phone no is 0420521630


Hi... I'm Chris Gillard. I live in Perth. I did Atul's Himalayan tour with a few friends in 2011. Loved it so much that I returned with my wife and 2 other couples in 2013 to do a 3-week tour of Rajasthan.  And, in Jan 2019, I returned yet again to do the 2-week Kerala Tour.  Feel free to call me any day of the week between 9 am and 5 pm. My cell phone no is 0892917956  

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Hi, I'm Atul Bhardwaj and I'll be delighted to hear from you. Feel free to call me for any queries / suggestions / help on my mobile phone no. +91-9816285325 Any day of the week, between 9 am to 9 pm (IST) or If you fill out one of the Contact Forms here, please make sure you check your "Spam" folder for our replies... or email us directly from your Inbox to our address:
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Our registered place of business is (in Himachal Pradesh, near the capital Shimla) at:
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Please note - We have all relevant information available online on this web site (check the FAQ’s section as well). However, please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions. For tour registration we would prefer that you send us an email as this ensures a written record and no misunderstanding of dates, rates, etc. We do not have any other “office” of our business. In this day and age of Internet and mobile communication, we don't see the benefit to having a brick and mortar office or fancy brochures (which aren't eco-friendly either). All the information is on the web and current, and the cost savings get passed on to you. It is quite possible that an over-zealous spam filter may either block your email to us or our reply to you. So do check your junk/spam folder and if you have not heard from us in a couple of days, email us again (directly from your inbox).  If you need to get hold of us (specially if you are not getting any replies to your emails), you can call us at the following number at most reasonable hours (0900 – 2100 hrs IST): Mobile Phone : ATUL - (+91) 9816285325 - Also available on WhatsApp . We operate our tours from 3 major centers in India. Himalayan Tours - Though all our tours “Start” & “End” in New Delhi , the actual riding of motorcycles starts/ ends in Shimla . Rajasthan Tours - We shift base to Bharatpur in Rajasthan from where actual riding of motorcycles starts/ends for all our “fixed departure” Rajasthan tours. Kerala Tours: We shift base to Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala from where both our Kerala tours start/end.

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