Bikes & Crew
The new RE “Himalayan” 411 EFI*
We use these bikes now for all of our tour regions.  We now have a brand new fleet of the BS6 version bikes (with ABS) for our tours in High Himalayas, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. The tall stance, high placed handlebars, high ground clearance, the up-angled silencer and the belly pan prove their worth both on road and off.  With a 21″ front wheel and a rear “mono-shock” suspension, it can pretty much ride over everything.  At 411cc / 24.5 bhp, it has enough grunt in it to keep you going both on the rougher sections in the Himalayas as well as the highways of Rajasthan.  We install “backrests” specially designed for this bike for the pillion riders and so far none of our customers has had an issue with comfort. (*800 mm saddle height)

The Classic 350 EFI (Kerala & Sikkim only)
Since we're dependent on Bike rentals to provide us bikes for our Sikkim & Kerala regions, if the group size exceeds the no. of available Himalayan bikes, the Classic 350 is the next popular choice (specially if you're riding one up only).  Do write to us well in advance if you would prefer to ride this bike on one of our Sikkim or Kerala tours.
Your hosts
Atul Bhardwaj

Owner of AB original Tours ("AB" being initials of the name), leads most of the tours himself. Besides the distinction of having ridden Solo through almost the whole of India (30 states/ territories) on a 100 day tour covering 17,670 kms on his motorcycle he also has 15 years experience of organizing & leading motorcycle tours under his "kidney" belt.  His “testimonials” speak for him as there is hardly any without a mention of his “attention to detail”, “local knowledge”, “extreme professionalism”, et al. And as one customer puts it, “Atul becomes a friend to us all with his good humour & such a friendly nature.”

Dheeraj Tanwar

~10 years with AB original tours, Dheeraj is a valuable asset of the "IndianMotorcycleTours" outfit. After joining AB original Tours as Atul's 2-I-C in 2013, he quickly learned the "nitty-gritties" of leading motorcycle tours in India and has been leading tours for us since 2015. With is professionalism as well his fun & friendly nature, he has earned his place as a valuable member of the organization. The fact that his name appears several times in our TripAdvisor reviews is a testament to it.

Aashish Thapa

An intrepid traveler through & through, Aashish is the latest member of the "IndianMotorcycleTours" family.  When he's not leading our motorcycle tours, you'll most likely find him trekking in the High Himalayas.  His gentle, pleasing personality and a cool head on his shoulders make him a perfect tour leader & manager.

Support crew
The versatile & indispensable...
Suresh - Tour Manager

With 12+ years with the outfit, Suresh is the "all-rounder" of the team; manages a lot of "behind the scene" tasks on the tours, looks after the bikes (when we’re not touring), maintains files & keeps stock of our spares/gear (even the beers !). All these years with us and we can say that he's become quite a "troubleshooter" as well. A great value to the team.

Rajender - Chief Mechanic

Rajender was the youngest member of the team when he left his job at a Royal Enfield workshop and joined us in 2013. He loves being on the tours rather than the “9 to 5” routine of a regular workshop. Besides being an exceptional mechanic, his meticulous work on our bikes keeps them in tip-top shape throughout the year.

The rest of the crew...
... Drivers, assistants...

On our tours your luggage comes in the back-up vehicles which follow us & are not very far behind. However, if desired, you can bring a
small back-pack to carry stuff needed during a ride, like your day pack, water, rain-gear, wind-breaker etc.).

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