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Die Tour mit Atul war von Beginn an bis zum Ende ein Erlebnis.  Jedem Motorradfahrer, der Fitness mitbringt und bereit ist, zu lernen, wie man auf Schotterwegen ueber viele Bachquerungen zum Ziel gelangt, kann ich diese Reise nur empfehlen.  Die perfekte Organisation, die umsichtige und ruhige Gruppenführung sowie die gute Einteilung von Fahr- und Ruhetagen machen die Tour perfekt.  Die traumhafte Umgebung der Berge und Seen im Himalaya bleibt unvergesslich.

Hansjörg Wieser,

(Innsbruck, Austria)

Hansjorg Wieser Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Canada Luxembourg Netherlands Leslie Wilson on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

 In many places, especially in the high passes, the drops at the side of the road can be scary but only if you bother looking over the edge and what's the point when the scenery is so spectacular and breathtaking.  

The only problem is that this trip have just whetted my appetite and so now I'm looking to plan my next trip ! I thoroughly recommend ABoriginal Tours, and specifically our leader Atul.  Excellent organisation, planning and support from the whole of his team, and such good value. Thank you Atul and I'll look you up next time I'm in your part of India. Perhaps I'll make it on the Rajastan tour.

 Les Wilson  (An Englishman living in Luxembourg)

I love motorcycling and I love travelling, so as I was retiring at the end of May 2012 I decided on combining the two in the "trip of a lifetime".  I couldn't have made a better choice than ABoriginal tours and the 3 week Himalayan tour riding a 500cc Royal Enfield from Shimla to Leh taking a long detour up the Spiti Valley.  It was an amazing experience and incredible fun riding with a great group of riders with similar approaches to travel.  Roads varied from good to virtually non-existent and I've certainly improved my off-road riding skills and any fear of heights !!

Eric van Haaren Motorcycle tour India

"From 6 to 22 November 2010 we enjoyed our "Hot & Spicy Challenge" in India. One of our friends started the initiative and he contacted Atul (ABoriginal Tours) who handled the organization  in India. The challenge was to drive from New Delhi to Mysore, 3300km in 14 days, on Royal Enfield Motor bikes, raising money for 2 charity projects in India and Nepal.

The group consisted of 20 riders from Heiloo, the Netherlands, 2 mechanics, 1 driver and of course, Atul, leading at the front. The ride was spectacular, with amazing views, crazy Indian traffic and unbelievable beautiful sight seeing. The challenge was a great success, with a laugh and a tear, raising over 20.000 euro."

Eric van Haaren

Heiloo, The Netherlands

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November 2010. Twenty friends from the Netherlands riding 3300 km in 14 days from New Delhi to the south of India on Royal Enfields. A real challenge! A lifetime experience!!

Atul, many thanks for the excellent organisation and guidance during our challenge. Your aura of peace and calm in all circumstances and dealing with the various characters of the riders are admirable. I went home with a wonderful experience and an incredible impression of India. Again… many thanks!!

Kind regards and see you on the next tour!!

Jake Schaaf, The Netherlands

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It has been a very  nice tour  with a very effective staff and everything arranged to amuse ourselves and visit one of the most beautiful part’s of India.  

Thanks for your work.

Gabriel MZ De La Hidalga


Gabriel Martinez de la Hidalga on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Uruguay USA

Atul, I had a wonderful time on the tour of the Himalayas.  I had expected to see some great scenery but I had no idea it would be as dramatic, varied and beautiful as it proved to be.  Touring on a Royal Enfield was the perfect way to see it all.

Thank you for your professionalism and patience, your good humour and companionship and particularly for sharing with us your great pride in your fascinating & spectacular country.

I could not be more happy & satisfied after a wonderful 21 days in the saddle.  Best wishes for the future, I’m sure you will do very well.

Trevor Collens

(New York, USA)

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Jimmy Stathes on a Rajasthan MC Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Atul, what a fantastic way to see Rajasthan and the Thar desert.  You have provided a lifetime of memories and assembled a fantastic group of people.  The bike performed extremely well  and I truly enjoyed the pleasure of your company as well as that of Yusuf & Sanju.  

I would highly recommend this tour.  The tour felt like a ride with friends and I hope to ride with you again in the Himalayas...or perhaps in Southern California.  I wish you much success & happiness.  Your friend...

James Stathes,

(San Diego, USA)

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Hugo Albini on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Denmark Tom Ripley on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - FEB 2013 Michael Motter on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - OCT 2013 Sweden Peter Carlen on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Hugo Albini on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

It was a great ride... Unforgettable experience.  High standard of management.  Staff & us, happy and cheerful at all times.

Top tour all the way !!

Hugo Albini

(Salto, Uruguay)

(Lives in Panania, NSW)

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Peter Braithwaite on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - MAR 2014 Tracey Mepham on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - MAR 2014 Paul Mepham on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India


Testimonials Credentials Recommendations ABoriginal Motorcycle Tours India #AUSTRALIA Australia Austria #Belgium Belgium #FRANCE France #NEWZEALAND #Spain #Netherlands Netherlands #USA USA #GERMANY Germany #Uruguay Uruguay #Switzerland Denmark #Denmark Sweden #Sweden Canada Spain New Zealand Switzerland #UNITEDKINGDOM United Kingdom #Austria #Canada South Africa #South-Africa #Luxembourg Luxembourg #Ireland Ireland Poland #Poland Michael O'Hara on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Michael Taylor on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Rob Edge on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Ireland Kieran McShera on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Rajasthan - MAR 2016


I have loved my participation in the Rajasthan tour with ABoriginal. The organisation is great, both the time on bike and off allow you to experience this beautiful part of India in a different way.  I would recommend this tour to any of my friends if they want to enjoy riding in India safely, and do the tourist in a different format. Thanks ABoriginal for this experience! I hope to repeat in the Himalayas with you guys in the future! Thanks very much Atul.  I hope that we have the opportunity to meet in the future.

It was great to share this experience with your team.

Miguel A. Ferri (Spain)

Rajasthan - MAR 2015

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Miguel Ferri on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Poland South Africa

Apart from the excellently maintained bikes, the support crew, a well planned route and attention to detail, it is the small things that added up to make this trip so exceptional. En  route snacks-juice, fruit ,chocolate, cold sodas ,personal guides at some of the interesting forts and palaces, practical advice and assistance on what to do/not to do at each location, rooftop evening dinners and fun crazy tuk-tuk rides. This tour is superbly organized without feeling rigid and there is plenty of time to relax or explore as well as great riding. This was our first organized riding tour-and although it is not a typical adventure ride there is more than enough excitement, interest and camaraderie to make it an great adventure”. This experience should be on every ones bucket list.  Atul – you have the perfect formula and are one of the nicest people we’ve met around the world.  We look forward to seeing you again with a few more of our friends.

Debbie Shah/ Gary Davidson (South Africa)

Gary Davidson & Debbie Shah on a Rajasthan Motorcycle tour with ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - FEB 2015

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Tomas Johansson on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Ewa Naslund & Mats Borg on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Paul Lagast on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Bill Schein & Heather Wright on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

Brilliant, excellent experience!  Atul was very prompt, organized, in command and with a huge support team. Staff was amazing & all was very professional.  Hoping to do a tour  of south India with them.

From our hearts, thank you.

Bill Schein & Heather Wright

(Santa Fe, NM, USA)

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Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Robert Burns & Victoria Graham on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

This trip was my second visit to India, and the experience seeing the country via two wheels exceeded my expectations.  It's a thrilling adventure, and the team at ABoriginal Tours helped to make it a trip of a lifetime.  For anyone who has a desire to visit India and via a classic Royal Enfield, this is an opportunity not to be missed."

Robert  Burns   (San Francisco CA, USA)

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Rajasthan - FEB 2016

© ABoriginal Tours.  All rights reserved.

Merci, Atul, pour ce tour inoubliable !  J’ai participé au tour du Sud-Est du Rajasthan du 25 février au 11 mars 2013 avec ABoriginal Tours.  J’avais consulté plusieurs sites qui offrent ce genre de tours.  La clarté de son site web, le fait que son propriétaire était indien et nous guidait personnellement et que le prix me semblait très correcte m’ont

fait décider en faveur d’ABoriginal Tours.

Et je n’ai pas été déçu ; un itinéraire très varié, des paysages fantastiques, des hôtels surprenants.  Ce tour mélange le plaisir de la moto avec une immersion dans la réalité sociale et culturelle du Rajasthan, en alternant des journées de moto et des journées de détente et de visites de ses principaux monuments et villes.  Le rythme du tour est celui d’un voyage de détente et non d’un test d’endurance, tout en exigeant une attention constante pour le trafic.  Le Rajasthan vous prend et vous enveloppe dans son bruit, ses odeurs, ses gens, ses animaux, ses forts, ses paysages.

Atul et son team maitrisent l’organisation à la perfection, avec une disponibilité constante pour les membres du groupe.  Les motos sont fiables et très bien entretenues et cadrent totalement dans le paysage.

En dernier lieu, Atul est un vrai gentleman, qui connaît très bien son pays et partage volontiers ses expériences.  Je ne peux que recommander Atul et Aboriginaltours pour des vacances en moto inoubliables.

Et un grand merci, Atul, pour nos “Indian driving skills” !

Paul Lagast (Fribourg, Switzerland)

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It was a trip of a lifetime! Maybe even the best trip I ever did.  A perfect combination of adventure, culture and fun.

Michael Motter (Muttenz, Switzerland)

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ie Tour im Oktober durch Rajasthan mit Atul und seinem Team war ein tolles Erlebnis. Alles prima organisiert, super „Boys“ welche die Enfields jeweils über Nacht gewartet, betankt und poliert haben. Bikes in top Zustand und unsere vier „Platten“ jeweils in Rekordzeit repariert.

Hotels durchwegs gut, zum Teil traumhaft, wie 1001 Nacht. Top Höhepunkt für mich der Palast in Castle Bijaipur, welcher heute als Hotel (mit Reitstall) genutzt wird. Traumhafte Zimmer, Gartenanlage, Aussicht über die Hügel und schönes Dorf, welches zu Fuss zu besichtigen ist.

Die Routenwahl gut, z.T. sehr schöne kleine Strassen, welche aber holperig sind. Die Empfehlung „air-hawk“ macht Sinn und ist nicht nur für Warmduscher (wir hatten keine, da bisher nie nötig). Fahren im Stossverkehr –totales Gewimmel- in Städten, Rad an Rad -ein besonderes Erlebnis.

Fazit: Preis – Leistung in sehr gutem Verhältnis und ein guter Weg um die Highlights von Rajasthan in entspannter Art mit dem Töff zu erleben. Sehr empfehlenswert. Herzlichen Dank an Atul und die Boys

Marco und Nadja (Basel, Switzerland)

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Best thing ever done, I’ll be back…. loved to spend the 50th  Birthday in India.

Peter Carlen (Sturefors, Sweden)

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Rajasthan - OCT 2013

A very well organized motorcycle tour.  Even though safety always comes first there is a lot of space for adventure and challenges !  Atul himself, and the rest of the crew are extremely helpful and can sort any odd problem out.  This has been an adventure of a lifetime.  We have fallen in love with the Royal Enfield and are amazed by its capability on these challenging roads.  This is surely idea and passion before business.  Small scale and honest, something you don’t often meet these days.  I highly recommend ABoriginal Tours.  

Ewa Näslund (with Mats Borg)           (Hässleholm, Sweden)

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I think it was a good trip and experience, with good leadership and excellent staff and back up. The accommodation I think as good as they can be in Himalayas, bikes were in good condition and was no trouble at all and easy to drive.

Tomas Johansson     (Gothenburg, Sweden)

OK. You've already been through all, or most of the website. You feel, this seems to be the right company to get in touch with, to make one of your holiday dreams come true. Yet, there is still that one last question in the back of your head: 'Should I send my money to <some account number in India>, and expect it's well spent?' Well; I've been there, done that, and I actually have two answers to this question. And both of them are "YES!".  Why two?' Well, that's because my first trip with Atul was soon followed by another..The first trip we (my friend Martyna and myself) made, was in November 2013.  It was one of the 2-week Rajasthan tours.  Money WELL spent.  Moreover, we were there with guys, who made similar trips with other companies before. They confirmed that the trip with ABoriginal tours was by far the best.  A little while later, we felt the need to return to India. But this time for a Himalayan tour. This time, we had no worries at all. We already knew, that Atul, and his Team will provide us precisely the service we would expect. We had no problem whatsoever to advise the same to another of our friends, Arek, to join us. You can't imagine how happy he is having done the trip.  Many words have already been written about Atul and his famous "Support Team", represented by Dheeraj, Suresh, Rajender and the Drivers, who are also are always "top notch". I'm not a guy, who would abuse words such as "impeccable", "magnificent", and so on. But you can take it for granted, these words fit well with how Atul,

along with his Team conduct their tours.  There is no point describing in

detail, what you're going to see there.  Just do it. See it for yourselves. You're not going to be disappointed. The 'Add-ons' are also worth taking. We did it both times. And, you know what? I have a feeling I'm not done with Atul. Yes, I do have plans to see some other parts of the World.  But some day I will go back to India for the "Grand" Himalayan tour. And guess whom I will contact then. You're damn right: Atul.  Thanks again, ABoriginal Tours. It was a great pleasure to meet you again.  To all those heading for Himalayas: The Old Monk (rum) is way better, than the Kingfisher (beer) there ;-).  And once you are in Nagini, please pass my very best regards to Christopher.

Jakub Korejwo      (Konstantynów Lódzki, Poland)

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Great trip in every way, from quality of bikes to level of support provided by Atul & his team Dheeraj and support crew. Fantastic sights along the way and great locations for evening meals beside lakes & on rooftops and not forgetting the snacks during the day.  Would recommend ABoriginal Tours to anyone interested in seeing the    real  India, an experience not to be missed   

Kieran McShera    (Dublin, Ireland)

Jakub Korejwo on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

I July 2013, deltog jeg sammen med min far, på Himalaya turen (21dg). Det var en helt fantastisk tur med mange ubeskrivelig gode oplevelser. Vi var naturligvis spændt på at se hvordan sværhedsgraden og oplevelsen ville blive med 15-20 andre kørere?! –men det var helt tilpas, og alle fik kørt efter evne, og havde en god tur. Der var god plads på vejene, og mulighed for at brede sig over en længere strækning, så det ikke blev ”kolonne kørsel”.

Undervejs på turen, havde jeg et uheld med maskinen, som resulterede i bukket forgaffel og andre skader.

Jeg selv slap med et blåt mærke. Uheldet kan udelukkende tilskrives mig selv, der kørte uforsigtigt! Til trods for dette fik teamet lappet cyklen sammen og jeg kunne fortsætte med på turen. Det var super godt gået! Endnu en gang tak for dette! Generelt er maskinerne i overordentlig god stand, og holdbarheden er langt over det forventede.

 Tilrettelæggelsen af turen er god. Atul måtte improvisere en del at vores rute, da der havde været jordskred på den oprindelige del. Igen formåede Atul at skabe rammerne for en perfekt tur!

 Turen har givet min far og mig nogle rigtigt gode minder, og samtidig har vi fået nye venner i bla. Indien, England, Australien og New Zealand.  Jeg kan kun give min aller bedste anbefaling til Atul og Aboriginal tours!

 Venlig hilsen

 Rasmus & Erik Knudsen (Roskilde, Denmark)

I was originally  hoping  to do the Himalayas tour, but it was booked up, so decided to do the Rajasthan tour instead.  I am glad I did, as it was  a great introduction to the history and culture of India.  Three of the riders  on the tour had previously had done the Himalayan Tour- pretty strong  recommendation!  The planning and organization of the tour was excellent and tours of temples, forts and palaces were very good.  The bird sanctuary at Bharatpur and the Tiger sanctuary at Ranthambhore showed a completely different side of the country.  Thank you Atul for a memorable experience!  I look forward to riding with you again- at Shimla!

Tom Ripley (Victoria, Canada)

A wonderful experience with a few surprises as well !!

Extremely well organized.  Lots of extra activities when not riding.

Very professional.  Thanks so much.

Peter Braithwaite (Victoria, Canada)

What a trip !!  For what seems like such a chaotic country, everything went absolutely perfect; from being picked up at the airport at a lovely 0330 AM  to the incredible hotels & sightseeing.  The Royal Enfields worked great and we made a lot of new friends from around the world.  Thanks to Atul & his crew, I'll remember this trip forever.

Paul Mepham (Victoria, Canada)

Being a relatively new rider I was nervous initially but the support crew quickly became familiar with small detail’s such as the center stand and preference to the side stand and was helpful with my sloppy parking style.  The one thing that I feared the most is one of the things that it will miss the most - exciting riding.

Tracy Mepham (Victoria, Canada)

No disappointments!  Better than expected in every way. The routes  & sights were more than one could possibly find on their own, led by Atul own roads not easily found.  A tremendous experience, highly recommended to anyone considering motorcycling in India. The daily mileage may seem short at times but for me the pace of the ride turned out to be perfect. THANKS

Rob Edge (Vancouver, Canada)

This tour is not just a vacation… it’s an adventure!! The roads & traffic were challenging and exciting.  I would highly recommend this tour.

Michael Taylor (Cochrane, Canada)

Definitely an adventure.  Super well organized.  Everyday unique.  Capable support staff including 4 trucks.  Any bike repair immediately attended to, if I was to return to India for another motorcycle tour, I would choose ABorignal tours without a doubt.

Michael O’Hara                              (Calgary, Canada)

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ABORIGINAL TOURS, is a High Standard Motorcycles tour company.


We had a lot of fun, it was great fun!!!

Hugo Albini

(Salto, Uruguay)

Het was mijn tweede bezoek aan India. De eerste keer had ik een bijzonder slechte ervaring. Het deed mij besluiten om nooit meer naar India te gaan. De kans om op een klassieke Engelse motor te kunnen rijden deed mij 13 jaar later anders besluiten. Dit keer had ik de tijd van mijn leven. Het was een groot avontuur met chaotisch verkeer, slechte en goede wegen, een prachtige klassieke Engelse Royal Enfield (herinnerde me aan mijn BSA Starfire uit de zestiger jaren), prachtige landschappen, genoeg tijd voor Indiase cultuur, fantastische begeleiding en verzorging en overal goed eten.

Een trip maken met Aboriginal Tour betekent een opwindende periode in je leven, die je niet had willen missen.

Albert Schutte (from Netherlands, lives in Myslakowice, Poland)

Albert Schutte on a tour of Rajasthan with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

Rajasthan - FEB 2016

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Atul and the team were great, friendly, funny and nothing was too much trouble. The briefings were detailed and extremely well thought out to give you a good idea of what challenges the riding in India and some of the days had in store.  I really couldn’t fault anything, great company, delicious food and comfortable accommodation – the whole trip was amazing value. We were both very sad to be leaving Atul, the team, India and the Royal Enfields but we are busy saving for Rajasthan!  Just on side note, ladies going to take on the Himalaya’s whether riding or pillion, bring some very good sports bra’s!

Joan Kilgour (Hollywood, Ireland)

One of the best, most challenging, fun and out of the ordinary trips I have ever been on. The Himalayas are breathtakingly beautiful; it is like being in a different country every day.  Having not had much in the way of off road experience I was a bit apprehensive to begin with but as soon as the first ‘get to know your bike ride’ was on the move I knew I would not want to leave the Enfield in India.

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Himalayas - JUL 2016

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Himalayas - JUL 2016

This was an extraordinary trip for me – I doubt you could improve on it!  No stone left unturned, every part of the tour planned and executed exquisitely. Perfect… can’t really be improved on!

Jonathan O’Donoghue (Hollywood, Ireland)