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eventyr. sikkerhed. sjov. Motorcykelture i Indien på en Royal Enfield Motorcykelrejser Indien om et budget


Mark & Gillian Kelley on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India



indian ture + indian motorcykel = indian pris !



Rajasthan Himalayan

Himalayas: 14 & 21 nætter Tour

Rajasthan Tour

(herunder Taj Mahal)

14 & 21 nætter


Dette er en oversat version af den originale engelske webside. motorcyklen rejse specialister i indien

Overkommelig Motorcykel Eventyr Rejse - Indien

IN THE PRESS -  Some recent reports in the media featuring ABoriginal Tours

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David Williams did a 2-week motorcycle tour of the Himalayas with us in AUG 2013.  Australian Motorcyclist Magazine’s DEC 2013 issue featured an article by him (MOUNTAIN HI, By Royal Enfield

Enfield through the Himalayas) in which he narrates a candid account of his experiences on the tour.  Click Here to download a PDF copy of the pages of this magazine.  Visit our “In the Media” webpage for more stories about us and our tours...

Freedom riders - By Chris Gillard

Chris Gillard toured with us in Rajasthan in FEB 2013.  “A motorcycle tour through Rajasthan is an amazing way to see India”, he writes in The West Australian, in an article published on 04 April 2013.  It was followed by another article featuring our tours (& pics by Chris) on 11 Apr.  Click here to see the 3 pages.  (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

On 15 March 2013, our Himalayan tour featured in an article in Ultimate Motorcycling magazine titled “Destination: The Himalayas”.

More on our “In the Media” page...

Rider:  US $ 2499

Pillion: US $ 2099

*The above US$ prices are only  an indication of our Indian rupee prices (for ease of understanding), calculated at the approx. exchange rate of USD 1 = INR 65. However, you may choose to send payments in currency of your choice (e.g: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD etc).  Please write to us for any clarification.  Prices are on “twin share” basis.  Single accommodation supplement is available.  Visit the Departures Page for all published tour dates.

Rider:  US $ 3199

Pillion: US $ 2499

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"Motorcykel helligdage for den frygtløse rejsende...!"

Nogle rejsende er på udkig efter noget mere end bare en motorcykel tur, en autentisk oplevelse med pålidelige motorcykler, komfortabel indkvartering og intet at bekymre sig om. For dem der er på udkig efter oplevelser ud over en typisk motorcykel tur, kvalificerer en motorcykel ferie ved ABoriginal Tours til at blive kaldt ikke bare en tur, men en rejse til at huske for evigt. Vi bestræber os på at give vore gæster en oplevelse for livet «.

Også dette uden at sprænge et hul i lommen!

Hvordan gør vi det? Hvorfor tur med os?

Find ud af om vores Introduktion side ...

"...and their heart-warming testimonials."

We would like to bring to your notice a very important aspect of our “Testimonials” page.  As you’ll notice when you visit the web-page, all our testimonials are accompanied by a photo of our customer.  Please note that we’ve deliberately chosen most photos with the rider sitting on / standing near our motorcycle which he/she was riding during the tour.  In many photos, you might also see the “ABoriginal” sign on the front mudguard plate.  Earlier, one of the main purpose of doing so was to remove doubt from anyone’s mind regarding the authenticity of these testimonials.  Presently, this is serving another very useful purpose.  

In the past couple of years we have come across some tour companies on the Internet claiming to organize motorcycle tours in the region, although we have never come across their groups on the popular routes.  It would be no surprise that actually their existence is only on the “world wide web”.  Well, we might also be (subtly) trying to make your mind question a very important fact: Why aren’t the glorious “testimonials” on their web sites accompanied by such photos of their happy customers?  

Disclaimer: We are in no way trying to suggest that they could be fake.

Komfortabel Indkvartering (med morgenmad og aftensmad)

Motorcykel Udlejning (med brændstof, olie og reservedele)

Erfarne motorcykel mekanik

Luft/Tog/Bil overførsler under turen

Transport til lokale sight-seeing (på udvalgte steder)

Camping gear og hensættelser (for uforudsete begivenheder)

Engelsktalende gruppeleder og Støtte Besætning

Backup Støtte Køretøj

nogle overraskelser, men kun de behagelige dem :-)

Vi har nu en ny flåde af motorcykler...

The Royal Enfield Classic 500, i 5 farver.

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Visit our Photobucket page to view photo albums from various past tours we have completed in the Himalayas and Rajasthan. Although we’d rather you didn’t as it certainly Spoils a bit of the surprise element.

Visit  our Testimonials page and see what our previous customers are saying about us (from 16 countries, sorted by nationality).  Fresh testimonials are added regularly.  Write to us if you wish to contact any of them.

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