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Indian tours on an Indian motorcycle... but foreign price ????

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Atul Bhardwaj, is the owner & operator of the outfit and leads almost all of the tours himself.  Atul has been a Retail business owner in the past, which he gave up to pursue his passion for travel & adventure.  Born in New Delhi, Atul spent most of his early years in this historic metropolis.  After completing his formal education, in his pursuit of “experiencing his own country”, he traveled the popular routes within India, enjoyed the various sights, sounds, smells & tastes the sub-continent has to offer and met many a traveler from all over the world.  

Shelja, the better half of Atul, works behind the scenes, handling everything from your applications, registrations, emails & other correspondence to arranging accommodations & other logistics.  Born & brought up in Himachal Pradesh and true to her name (which means“born of a mountain”

 in Hindi & also another name of Lord Shiva’s consort, Parvati) Shelja aptly holds her own when it comes to being a “gal-who-does--everything-that -needs-to-be-done”.  Now a mother of two, she has kept away from the actual motorcycle touring, though she can’t wait to be able to hop on to the pillion of Atul’s bike once again.

Bitten by the travel bug both Atul & Shelja are always itching to travel, having undertaken numerous journeys in India.  Adventurous by nature they’ve tasted  many flavors of India’s varied culture & diversity and tried their hand at various “thrills” from scuba diving in the Andamans to white-water rafting in the Ganges.  The "ABoriginal Tours" have been designed on their vision of comfort, friendliness and adventure that offer excellent value for money.

During the years to follow his passion for travel & exploration led him to take the decision to convert a hobby into a business.

During his journeys in India, Atul exchanged numerous stories of travel, adventure & exploration with fellow travelers.  Among those stories there were ones of deceit, dishonesty and deception as well,  accounts of many innocent tourists becoming victim of dodgy & crooked locals eager to make easy money at the expense of helpless tourists.  

Motorbiking across India he also experienced, first hand, the hurdles & troubles of organising such trips (even as an Indian) ; from undependable rental motorcycles & unavailability of spares & mechanics to unreliable local (mis)information & know-how.  Reasonably, he saw the prospect of setting up an enterprise of facilitating such tours for adventure motorcyclists.  A few hundred hours of grueling research later Atul realised that there were hardly any local outfits providing such services (most were located in foreign lands, sometimes acting just as “agents” and making hefty commissions in the process).  Barring a few, the ones who were doing the same business locally seemed to be run haphazardly and/or priced exorbitantly.

This inspired Atul to convert his own passion for  motorcycle touring into a business and led to the conception and subsequent birth of ABoriginal Tours (the AB being the acronym for Atul Bhardwaj) with a clear-cut objective of setting a higher standard in value for money and making only “fair” profits in the process.

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