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Testimonials Credentials Recommendations ABoriginal Motorcycle Tours India Richard Cocker on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

We were a group of  8 lads from Yorkshire. The rest of the group was made up of  a couple from Belgium, 2 lads from New Zealand and 2 guys from Germany & 1 Israeli.  I can not believe how the group bonded.  Like we have all been friends for years.  It was by far the best organised  trip I have ever done and would recommend it to anybody. The riding were exhilarating and the evenings were fun!  An all round wonderful experience.  

Richard Cocker  (Wakefield, UK)

Brilliant experience, breathtaking scenery, great bikes, very well organized.  And  Very Good Value.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Alan Haigh

 (Wakefield, England)

Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2012

The 3-week Rajasthan tour was an incredible adventure, an unbelievable experience.  We saw and did things I’d only dreamt of before.  Aboriginal Tours is a professional outfit.  Atul runs a “tight ship” and everything is well planned and executed; you just ride the bike and everything else is taken care of.  I would recommend this tour also for the cultural and riding experience.  

I’ve ridden motorcycles for 43 years and riding in Rajasthan has to be the most challenging, most fun and most rewarding riding experience I’ve had.  Good luck Atul for all your future tours and thanks for the adventure of a lifetime.

Don Farmer

We have had an unbelievably great time and I would recommend Aboriginal Tours to anyone who is considering this type of motorcycle tour.  Atul is a great guy and he really has thought of everything to make sure you have a brilliant time.  From a pillions perspective, the Royal Enfield was great - more comfortable than I was expecting, although we did bring an “AirHawk” seat which did make it easier on your backside - definitely recommended !  Overall, it’s been the adventure of a lifetime, thanks to Aboriginals, thanks to Atul.

Jan Butler                                                                                                                   (Whitney, Oxfordshire, England)

Don Farmer & Jan Butler Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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This tour exceeded all of my expectation.  The itinerary and organisation were superb.  Everyday was a new and rewarding adventure full of surprises & pleasure.  Every motorcyclist with adventure in his/her heart should do it.  Go “Aboriginal Tours”, Do it now !

Martin Jenkins

This trip enables you to see the real India; it’s not just about travelling from one tourist destination to another.  Because the whole tour is planned and led by Atul himself, you get personal attention to detail and an excellent insight into what India is really like.  Seeing India by motorcycle enables you to really be in touch with the towns, villages and country side of Rajasthan.  The whole programme has been carefully planned to give a perfect mix of travelling & sight-seeing, history & culture, so that you feel that you’ve had a really full experience of India.

Janet Jenkins                                      (Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England)

Martin & Janet Jenkins Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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The organization of the tour from the beginning was very well carried out, very professional.  The condition of the Bikes were excellent and with the crew, kept in a very good state of repair.  The tour itself was a good mix of highways and smaller district roads. Before the tour, I thought the idea of  an average 180 km  per day was a little un-ambitious but soon found that even this can be pretty tiring.  On the day we rode 300 km , it felt very nice to get off the saddle.  I also wasn't sure about the days off , but they were gladly welcome and also it was a holiday, not an endurance test.  I have to say that the whole trip was excellent.  

I totally enjoyed the trip and thought it was an amazing experience.  Thanks to the backup crew as well who were always around to help out.

For me the highlights of the tour were Forts & Palaces, rural roads, sunset over the lake at Udaipur, Atul's frequent "surprises" and the flickering “low fuel” light on the motorcycle while riding through Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve !!!

Richard Johnson,  England

Richard Johnson Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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For anyone who has ever wanted to tour India and can ride a bike this is the best trip to take.  Atul has everything organised... The accommodation sometimes takes your breath away, the journey always takes your breath away.  

You can’t see rural India this close on a bus or car trip.  Non-biking ladies are soon converted and rarely need the back-up vehicle option.  Many thanks to Atul and crew for a memorable trip.  Hopefully next trip... The Himalayas !

Alec & Kathryn Hall

(Lancashire, England)

Thomas "Alec" & Kathryn Hall Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Gary & Marion Clark Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

An excellent tour that exceeded all my expectations, at a good price.  Atul is a very professional guide and had every detail well organised to ensure a safe and action packed adventure.  The bikes were almost new while hotels & food were of a high standard.  There are other profit hungry western companies offering similar tours at more then double the price.  I doubt if they can do anything better than Aboriginal Tours and quite possibly not as well.  Overall, an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime.

- Gary Clark

I hardly ever go on husbands bike back home... but once on the bike all my apprehensions were gone and I truly enjoyed the entire trip and it turned out to be the best way to see India.  Tour was well organised with enough stops to rest.  Had a great time and can highly recommend even for “fearful” wives.  Best time I ever had on a motorbike.  Thank you Atul and team !   

- Marion Clark  (Northampton, England)

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Himalayas - AUG 2011

Atul - I feel privileged to have been on your tour.  Satisfied, yes.  Incredible sights and a well organised adventure.  All I can say is THANK YOU.  

Rajasthan tour is on the to-do list.

Martin Gorringe

(Suffolk, UK)

Thanks Atul and all your crew, for a wonderful magical tour of the Himalayas in July/August 2011. I have so many fantastic memories of beautiful landscapes and a fascinating culture. Experiencing it all on those robust Royal Enfields with your tour made it even more special! I would highly recommend your tour for value, honesty, thrills and fun!  Hope to see you again in the future... maybe Rajasthan?

Anna Li,

(London, UK)

Anna Li Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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The tour in Rajasthan was more than just a motorcycle tour, it was an excellent holiday.  

Atul balanced a good mix of riding, site-seeing and cultural experiences that made the 22 day tour exciting and memorable.

John Lidbetter

(Buckingham, UK)

John Lidbetter Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Thank you, Atul & his team, for the most memorable holiday experience of my life.  The Royal Enfields were superb, easy & safe to ride, “on-road” or “off road”.  The low speed torque characteristic was a delight in chugging out of “sticky” situations.  The scenery was absolutely spectacular, I can’t imagine anywhere more rugged yet beautiful.  An excellent camaraderie developed in the group and this included Atul & his crew.  The accommodation on the tour was fine, varying from basic camping to very nice hotels.

I would recommend this adventure to anyone but suggest that basic “off road” skills are useful.  I had none at the start but soon picked up from the group.  The value for money of this tour was quite remarkable and I feel sure that Atul’s enterprise will be most successful.

George Stalker

(Essex, UK)

George Stalker Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Tony Bailey on a Rajathan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - JAN 2011

Many thanks Atul, for one of the best holidays I've ever had.  You've looked after us all really well & made sure that we've gone home with some wonderful memories of India...

Ably helped by Yusuf and Sanju, we all had a great time.

Best of luck with all your future trips & plans.

Tony Bailey

(Manchester, UK)

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Tim Stewart on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours Rajasthan - NOV 2012

If you are a biker and want to see and experience India…LOOK NO FURTHER! Atul is your man. Born and based in India, Atul who  formed & owns ABoriginal Tours and personally runs the tour as host, guide and eventually friend, is extremely organized, pays close attention to detail and is 100% professional.  The opinion of our 13 riders was unanimous in its praise for Atul and the experience he and his country gave us.  

THE ROYAL ENFIELD’S WERE WONDERFUL TO RIDE AND PERFECTLY MAINTAINED, the hotels were a fantastic variety and without exception were comfortable and character-full. The riding experience through the towns of Rajasthan is an experience every biker should have before they die and I fully recommend ATUL of ABoriginal Tours to be the one to have this experience with.

Tim Stewart (Guildford, U.K)

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Ian & Helen Papworth on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Aboriginal Tours India

I wrote you a testimonial before I left but since returning I feel it was inadequate. I have been back in the UK for just a week and cannot stop thinking back to the wonderful adventure you provided us. The costs are a lot less than your competitors  and the quality  you provide is outstanding value for the money. I have done a number of activity holidays in different  countries and without doubt this has been the best holiday I’ve had till date.  Atul’s attention to detail and his teams hard work meant that there were few problems and nothing was allowed to spoil the experience of seeing  Rajasthan up close.  Thanks for keeping us

safe and showing us your India and Rajasthan - I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others, please feel free to pass on my details to anyone from the UK who wants to discuss the trip and add this to your testimonials. I will be back.

Ian Papworth (Rhyl, Wales, U.K)

As a pillion passenger I enjoyed this tour as much as my husband, if not more.  While he enjoyed the motorbike riding, I took in the scenery and we both shared a love of this fascinating part of India.  I would come again.

Helen Papworth (Rhyl, Wales U.K)

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Rajasthan - FEB/MAR 2013

What could be better than riding bikes full of  character around this amazing country,  telling tall tales with new friend’s every night, soaking up history and culture and all the while being taken care of so well.  

Enjoyed every minute.

Murray Ingram

(Emsworth, UK)

Matthew Fletcher on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

A great mix of exhilarating riding, cultural sight-seeing and shopping in bazaars. Atul has designed a wonderful tour and takes care to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Matthew Fletcher (Malvern, U.K)

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Roger Shute on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

I had been discussing a motorcycle tour with my cousin for a couple of years and in August 2012 we finally got ourselves into gear and started looking.  ABoriginal tours stood out for two reasons. The pricing was very competitive and the tour company owner was both guide and fellow rider. It was a great choice, from booking to conclusion Atul (ABoriginal owner and guide) pretty
much took care of all the details. His crew of helpers were excellent and friendly and the whole package gave that element of excitement and adventure without all the concerns of what happens if................

The tour itself (Rajasthan Feb/March 2013, 15 days) was well balanced between sightseeing and riding and there is plenty of opportunity for the brave and/or un-fatigued to explore the local surrounds at the end of each days riding. The hotels were excellent, some almost bordering on fantastic due to the architecture and settings. It is hard to think of a bike that is

more suited to cope with the road conditions than the Enfields provided.
They were reliable, forgiving and took everything the roads threw at them
without complaint.  Riding on Indian roads is an experience in itself and although by European standards the distance covered each day does not seem much, the road conditions, limited speed and general 'Indian' way meant that they were always interesting, fun and tiring. I will not try to explain India, No amount of explanation can come close to the real thing. You need to experience it. So, if you have the inclination, send the e-mail and book the trip, you won't regret it.

I'm just wondering if I can afford the Himalayan tour in the next year or
so.  Cheers Atul for an excellent holiday.

Roger Shute (Leicester, England)

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"This 3 week “once-in-a lifetime” tour from Shimla to Leh was a wonderful unforgettable experience. It was hugely memorable, so well organized, and such value for money. Atul was a fantastic guide and host. The itinerary was perfect. Some long hard days, yes, but the whole tour was perfectly staged so that rest days were staged to enable the tour members and crew to recharge their batteries and great towns and villages which, no matter how remote, always managed to provide an adequate supply of cold Kingfisher beer.

The crew, although limited in English, were always on hand to sort out any issues and all had a great sense of Indo-English-Aussie-Kiwi-Irish-Danish humour.... Our tour was pretty eventful, but Atul was unfazed and always had a Plan B, Plan C... He knows the terrain, the climate, the roads and the people. The final day school visit in Leh was the ultimate way to end a tour which had everything, amazing bikes, crew, fellow riders, scenery, achievement, culture and spiritual enlightenment."

Gary Seaton (Devon, UK)

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Jonathan Hepworth on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

"Thank you Atul, and your fantastic crew, for making my Himalayan adventure a fantastic trip.  Having dreamed of a visit to India since being a teenager some 30 years ago, the planets finally aligned in 2013 and a plan came together.  After much research on guided tours of India, I took the plunge with ABoriginal Tours, and I am so glad that I did.  Atul is more than a tour organiser and guide, he and his crew are true companions, covering every role needed, from pharmacist (for those who forgot their meds) to restaurant guide, to drinking companion, and of course mechanic, and a most convivial host who can recommend the local brews.

Having initially planned for the Rajasthan tour, personal circumstances led to me having to cancel.  Atul could not have been more understanding and I rebooked on the Himalayan tour from Leh to Shimla in summer 2013.  I was in a party of 12 including riders from the UK, Australia, Austria, Zimbabwe and India.  With bikes and biking as the common language we soon made firm friends and had lots of laughs and we all ate together each evening to tell our tall tales from the road with the group taking a special vote each evening with a "prize" for the winner, but you'll have to take a trip of your own with Atul and ABoriginal to find out more! If you're thinking about realising your biking dream to tour India on an Enfield then look no more and book with ABoriginal Tours for your very own biking trip of a life time." Best wishes...

Jonathan Hepworth (South Croydon, England)

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Geoffrey & Maxine Walker on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Just had a fantastic holiday touring Rajasthan with ABoriginal Tours. Atul and his team did an amazing job, working very hard to keep the bikes in tip top condition throughout the trip and to keep us safe both on and off the road. A great  way of seeing India up close. We hope to come back and would not hesitate to recommend ABorignal Tours to anyone thinking of motorcycling in India.

Geoff Walker (UK)

Rajasthan - MAR 2014

We can recommend ABoriginal Tours without hesitation, the organisation is first class, the bikes well maintained and trouble free.  

The tour of Rajasthan is life changing experience if u enjoy bikes, a challenge and people - you won’t be disappointed.

Tony and

Dale Thomas



Melanie Jones on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Mark Jones on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - MAR 2014 Rajasthan - MAR 2014

We came on this tour having travelled extensively in India before and also proud owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles.  So we thought we knew what to expect.  How wrong we were !

The tour exceeded all our expectations.  The riding was a fabulous experience - sometimes hairy, always interesting & exciting.  The accommodation was wonderful throughout.  Each new place was a great new surprise & surpassed anything we'd hoped for.

Atul & his team did us proud, looked after us like royalty

& showed us so much of India's past & present.  

If you like motorcycling and want to see Rajasthan,

you have to do this tour.

Mark Jones (Stroud, UK)

The whole of ABoriginal team instilled confidence & professionalism which gave me the confidence to enjoy the motorcycling.  As the only tour holiday I have been on, anything after this has a lot to live up to.

Melanie Jones (Stroud, UK)

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Rajasthan - MAR 2014

spoiled, the whole experience has been amazing. Thank u.

Jayne Beevor (Rugby, England)

From start to finish the whole experience has been very memorable one. IF EVER  U ORGANISE TOURS in other areas of India (besides the Himalayas) we will most definitely be signing up.  Each and every morning started as an adventure.  Probably the most memorable day which will stay with us forever is our day at the school and to think we made a difference with such a small contribution.  Atul you are a caring person.  Keep up the good work.

Adrian Beevor  (Rugby, England)

I would say we  have traveled a good deal in our 56 yrs and this and this holiday has been the most amazing so far so any reasons. We have been stress free as the organisation has been faultless - it flowed throughout. The hotels ranged from really nice to breathing taking.  The Indian people were so kind & welcoming.  The different landscapes, the rides so interesting.  Our travel companions were great company.  Food good ( I never got Delhi-belly) and I am going home with  a nice suntan.  We have been so

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Richard Johnson on Himalayan & Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

 rather than worrying (leave that to Atul !).  The bikes themselves are in excellent condition and superbly maintained by the back up crew.

Do I ever get bored on riding these trips; up to the snow capped Himalayan mountains, over the highest motor-able roads, “navigating” a Royal Enfield through a torrent of ice cold water, going for a swim in the freezing crystal clear lake at 4500 M, riding into the desert and watching the sun set over a medieval fort, Palaces and Forts (in Rajasthan) and Buddhist temples (in Ladakh) that really blow your mind? ….Nope, not really.  Trip of a lifetime? ….Well, thanks to Atul and his team and all the fellow riders on each tour …. Yes, each one is.

Richard Johnson (Wiltshire, England & Noida, India)

Trip of a Lifetime …..Well not quite. Many people, at the end of one of the tours run by Atul, describe it as a trip of a lifetime ...

I am in the fortunate position being based in India to have been able to go on 4 different tours;  2 of the tours  in the Himalayas and 2 of the tours in Rajasthan  over the last few years . Each trip is totally unique whether it be the challenges caused by nature (roads being blocked, landslides etc.) or the company of fellow riders from a variety of nationalities... All these factors make each trip unique.

Well actually each trip is NOT unique, there is one constant on all tours and that is the excellent organization and backup that Atul and his team from ABoriginal Tours provide.  One of the many reasons I have gone back is the security in knowing that there is always a backup and (specially) in the extremes of the Himalayas this is a major comfort.  It also means that you can concentrate on the riding, enjoying the scenery and holiday

Don Farmer & Janet Butler on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2014

Atul’s 3 week Himalayas tour (July 2014) proved to be a truly amazing experience, somewhat tougher than we had anticipated.  With very little off road riding experience in 46 years of motorcycle riding it presented quite a challenge but ultimately gave us both a huge sense of achievement.  We rode with Atul on his 3 week Rajasthan tour in 2012 so we knew him quite well now he is a very professional person leaving nothing to chance, his mechanics and backup team are first class and can fix and repair almost anything en-route, a puncture for example takes around one minute to resolve.  You would be hard pushed to find any other tour company that would match Atul’s quality, service and dedication.  I would recommend him every time. Our trip was an awesome experience not matched by anything else other than the Rajasthan trip, a life time experience that we will remember always.  Thanks Atul.

Don Farmer /Jan Butler (Oxfordshire, England)

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Martin & Janet Jenkins on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2014

Dear Atul,

Yet again your tour was of the highest standard. Your attention to detail in planning and providing the experience was exceptional.  It is most appreciated that you constantly keep the group fully apprised of schedules, itineraries and the most important detail of the days events.

Not only is the motorcycling fabulous in itself, but the activities along the way which are included in the your make the make the whole trip extremely memorable. Thank you  once again for a fantastic trip!

Martin & Janet Jenkins  (Devon, England)

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Rajasthan - MAR 2015

Michael Eyton-Jones on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Motorcycles: Perfect for the job. Low revving but with enough torque to drop a gear and accelerate. Route: All major cities of interest visited but a few more secondary roads would have, (for me) made it a little bit more interesting. Hotels: All were great.  I particularly liked the one in Pushkar. Tour Leader: I know that this was Dheeraj’s first tour as leader, but he took infinite care that we were safe both on and off the roads.  Whilst I appreciate the interest that the group arouses if we should stop at local stops but for me the “chai stops” were always much better when we did.  Support crew: Nothing but praise for their efforts.  Every night the bikes were lined up with precision and kept running smoothly and clean.  I have never seen a mechanic as quick as Rajender and they all had smiles on their faces all the time. A delight. Price: I was really surprised at the standard of the bikes the support group and the hotels throughout. Very good value.  Overall experience: Brilliant. India fascinates me as I do not (still after three visits) know how it works. The colour, the chaos and the friendliest of the people are intoxicating.

Michael Eyton-Jones      (Northampton, England)

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Rajasthan - MAR 2015

Francis Buchanan on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

I'd like to give a 10/10 to every category: it exceeded my expectations in every way.  The motorbikes were a lot more fun than I was expecting, looked good, and were eminently suited to the job.  I don't think the route could be faulted, given the distances we needed to travel, and it ticked all of the tourist hotspots as far as I can see.  I wasn't expecting such luxurious accommodation everywhere. Some of them were amazing!  Dheeraj was a great guy to have around: he was affable, efficient, suitably concerned for our safety and made everything run like clockwork.  The support crew were great, particularly Rajender who managed a particularly tricky repair on a locked up rear drum brake on my bike by the roadside, so top marks to him.  I thought the tour was excellent value for money, particularly compared to similar tours organised by Western companies.  Overall, the experience was great. I think we benefited from being a small group, and I would certainly seriously consider joining another tour some time in the future.

Francis Buchanan (London, UK)

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Cliff Burr & Katy on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Another fabulous experience with Atul and his crew.  It is a bit like Xmas everyday with new & nice surprises that Atul provides along the way.  An honest tour company who always fulfill “what it says on the tin” and more !  Having done the Rajasthan Tour with them in 2013, I was so confident in Atul’s bikes, crew and his attention to detail and safety that I brought my 13 year old daughter as a pillion to the Himalayas!  

ABORIGINAL TOURS never disappoint, they give experiences that nobody should miss in their lives.  In the uncertainty of India, Atul always has a Plan B &C & more to ensure your journey is a trip of a lifetime, every time !

Cliff Burr (with Katy Burr) – East Sussex, England

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Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2015

Peter & Amy Williams on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

“A REAL ride for a REAL motorcyclist, the most challenging and rewarding experience possible.”

Peter & Amy Williams (UK/Dubai)

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Rajasthan - NOV 2015

Julie & Steve Topping on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

WOW ! Fantastic from the first email until the end of the tour.  If you want to experience the real India then there’s no better way than from the seat of a Royal Enfield.  The sights, sounds, colours, smells and culture we saw along the way was amazing.  The organization by Atul and his team was first class all the way.  I would encourage anyone with an interest to give it a go.

Julie & Steve Topping  (Harrington, England)

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Rajasthan - NOV 2015

Nicholas King on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

This is the 2nd motorcycle tour I have done in India and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  ABoriginal Tours organized exactly the itinerary I wanted to follow. The tour was very reasonably priced but I think everyone was surprised at how high the quality of hotels and food was at each venue.  Atul loves attention to detail and has everything arranged down to the last minute.  He also loves surprising his guests and many days when we thought we were going to be left to own devices, we were in fact off doing things which Atul had organized – never a dull moment.  On a motorcycle tour a key element is the backup staff in terms of mechanics & drivers.  I have to say that they were excellent – very friendly, always on hand to do anything asked of them and a real credit to the organization.  I would recommend ABoriginal Tours to anyone keen on touring India on a motorcycle.

Nicholas King  (Beaconsfield, UK)

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Rajasthan - FEB 2016

Mike Starr on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

I have been on several motorcycle tours in the past, all of them organised by ex-pat Brits living abroad (India, Thailand, Lao etc.). This was the first time I had booked a tour through a local company with, I add, a certain trepidation.  I need not have worried.  Atul, who runs ABoriginal Tours, was a perfect host.  The tour was well organised and the itinerary well chosen, mixing riding with culture, taking us to some of the most iconic places in India.  I could not fault the accommodation or the food, and the trusty Royal Enfields performed faultlessly.  The back-up crew of Dheeraj, Suresh and Rajender were absolute heroes, catering to our every need.  Atul has worked hard to showcase the best of Rajasthan and he also offers very good value for money.  Let's just say it cost me less for three weeks for this tour than I previously paid a Brit for two weeks in Kerala ! Would I choose this company again? Absolutely and without reservation. A cracking three weeks. Well done Atul - I may well be back!"

Mike Starr   (Shropshire, England)

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Rajasthan - FEB 2016

This was without doubt the best holiday we have ever had. ABoriginal Tours is a credit to Atul and Indian tourism. When we booked we knew a rough itinerary but Atul kept coming up with little surprises which made the tour even more enjoyable. The hotel and food were great. Riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle in India was an experience not to be missed. There was just the right balance of motorcycling and sightseeing. Atul’s right hand man Dheeraj and the back up team of Suresh and Rajinder were faultless, looking after everbody’s needs loading luggage, maintaining the bikes etc. We would not hesitate in recommending ABoriginal Tours. We would use them again.


Liz & Dave Baker (West Yorkshire, UK)

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Dave & Liz Baker on a tour of Rajasthan with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India
© ABoriginal Tours.  All rights reserved.

Rajasthan - NOV 2014

Just do it! I did it in 2014, one of the best experiences of my life.
I went on my own, and was very nervous, been biking all my life but at 65 thought it was now or never.  I stayed in Delhi for a week and then joined up with Atul and the rest of the group to go around Rajasthan. this must be the best way to see India.  We went through tiny villages, saw some parts of India that most travellers would only dream about.  Most of the time I had a huge smile on my face.  The organisa
tion was fantastic, I cannot fault the hotels, food back up team, bikes, maintenance, places we visited...........I cannot believe we packed as much in, in so little time.  And it did not cost the earth.
Just do it!

John Day (Lancaster, England)

Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2016

I really liked that we used the classic bikes that was different to the other tours, the local knowledge made a difference and was a big plus compared to the other tours.  I was trying to think of any negative feedback but I can’t think of any as the whole trip was a great experience & Dheeraj was a fantastic guide.

Chris Bitmead (London, UK)

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Himalayas - AUG 2016

I was a little apprehensive about sending a fair sum of money to a stranger half way round the world but I am glad I did.  From the first E-mail to the last day of the journey every detail had been taken care of in a very professional manner.  Atul and his excellent crew make the tour an absolute pleasure.  From the pre-ride briefing to the evening de-brief every day is the adventure as it is supposed to be.  The pace and distance of each day ride is good.  Rest stops at regular intervals are well timed.  The rides are challenging  but even for my limited off –road riding skills were manageable yet still put me out of my comfort zone at times.  I finished the tour as a better rider with a lifetime of memories.  Thank you Atul and crew, you are the best.

Adrian Roberts (Bournemouth, UK)

Himalayas - JUL 2017

It says everything that it was my second trip to India with ABoriginal Tours.  I was so impressed with overall organization, the quality of accommodation and the overall riding experience first time round that I decided to do it all over again.  This time in the Himalayas, an altogether a more challenging ride, but in many ways more rewarding one!  I can truly say the roads into the mountains and over the passes, topping out at over 17000 feet, provided the experience of lifetime.  Complete this with a balanced itinerary, which includes an insight into Indian culture and you will not be disappointed.  ABoriginal offer incredible value for money compared to many other companies but do not sacrifice quality in anyway.  You will find their reputation is as solid as the ROYAL ENFIELDS you ride.

Michael Starr (Bucknell, UK)

The trip we believed was a slightly crazy adventure for us, appropriate at our stage of life, and we can say it lived up to expectations, or, more often than not, exceeded them.  This was not only down to the colour, vibrancy and excitement (especially the roads) of India but also the superb quality of organisation.  We were impressed from the start at your communications and information.  On the tour itself everything seemed to run

Rajasthan - MAR 2017

very smoothly and professionally from our perspective.  The briefings were comprehensive and appropriate.  The bikes well maintained and a pleasure to ride.  The accommodation was interesting, eclectic, comfortable, often surprising but always entirely suitable with good food.  The restaurants chosen were excellent too.  It is always difficult, with a sizeable group, to satisfy everyone's needs and expectations but you managed it well.  You did a good job designing an itinerary and riding routes that were interesting but not too long, requiring a fine balance.  Time off the state highways to see rural India was a joy.  Many colleagues have expressed interest in the tour and I shall post recommendations on our various forums with a link to your website.  We would do it again, maybe the Himalayas next time.  Thanks again to you and the team for providing such a superb experience.

Chris & Alison Hain (Gaydon, UK)