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New Zealand

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I was initially uncertain about this tour.  However all  preconceived ideas were quickly dispatched.  Each day was a new experience better than the day before. The riding although challenging was immensely rewarding and satisfying.  I would thoroughly recommend this tour to my friends, it was more than a 21 day ride and would  rate as the best holiday we  had in a long time.  

Ross Vessey

(Wellington, New Zealand)

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Warwick & Carolyn Eves on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

A fantastic tour, well organised and the back up was extremely professional.  Had an amazing time riding through unbelievable scenery on some very challenging roads.  

The trip exceeded my expectations and I would heartedly recommend to anyone else with a sense of adventure.  Well done Atul & crew.

Warwick Eves  (Wellington, New Zealand)

(with Carolyn Eves)

Russell Peoples on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

Fantastic scenery, some challenging riding to keep things interesting & a great group of people to travel with.  Well organized with a great support crew to take all the hassle out of touring motorcycles eg.  punctures/ breakdowns. The Bike  (although unlike any previous bike I had ridden & I took some time to get used to) was surprisingly capable of handling all the rough conditions we encountered.  All in all a very memorable trip!!

Russell Peoples

(Canterbury, New Zealand)

Himalayan - JUL 2014

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The 3 week Himalayan tour in 2014 was my 2nd tour with Atul (the first being in 2012).  Several people back home asked why I would go back a 2nd time.  The answer is: a superb organization, with honesty and the crew has a sense of humour to go!  There's a surprise around every corner whilst riding and believe me there are many corners!  A truly life changing trip and one that's truly repeatable- loved it!  Thanks again Atul and his team.

Ian Fulcher

(Christchurch, New Zealand)

Himalayan - JUL 2014

Ian Fulcher on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

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Himalayan - JUL 2014

Steve Perry on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

It was with some trepidation that I booked the Himalayan tour after some bad experiences travelling in years gone by.  Atul and his team removed all the stress from travelling through this very diverse country allowing us to enjoy the ride, the hospitality, the scenery, the history and the high passes.  Atul's attention to detail in planning pickups, quality accommodation, excellent restaurants  and safe riding environment enabled us to really enjoy the journey making it most memorable 3 week trip.  I would have no hesitation recommending this trip to anyone wanting a stunning Himalayan adventure.

Steve Perry (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

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Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Lynn Baker on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India Rex Haslip on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

village locals to shop owners to hotel staff, were friendly & helpful.  Off to home now to revisit the tour through memories & photos and tell people to just book the tour- its amazing!  Thank you.

 <<=  Lynn Baker         &        Rex Haslip =>>

(Auckland, New Zealand)

Yet another wonderful tour with ABoriginals & its crew.  Rajasthan that we saw is an incredible place full of beauty & contrasts. The accommodation was unexpected (Palaces, Havelis; just incredible). People we interacted with, from

If you want to do a tour of India and see something away from the major tourist attractions it is hard to imagine a better way of doing it than on a Royal Enfield.  The tour is absolutely top class a great experience from start to finish. A big thanks to Atul and the support crew. I WILL BE BACK !

Steve Barker

(Foxton Beach, New Zealand)

Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Ian Fulcher on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

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This was a fantastic tour.  It was well organised, we stayed at very nice hotels & resorts where we could just roll up and jump straight in the pool.  The pace was good, nice to have some non-riding days to see the sights properly.  And the sights were amazing !! Forts & palaces everywhere in Rajasthan were

What a fantastic tour... Very well organised, exceeded my expectations and exceptional value for money.  I highly recommend Aboriginal Tours.  You won’t be disappointed.

- Alana Geary (Wellington, New Zealand)

impressive.  The stone carving of some of them is unbelievable.  The bikes were modern and ran really well.... Good for 2 up riding which is good because this is a tour my wife enjoyed as well.

- Daniel Geary

Rajasthan - NOV 2011

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I was doolally for a good few weeks after arriving home from Ladakh, not from the altitude, just the desire to be back there. Even though I have been through Rajasthan before with others, I’m sure I'll be back to do that run with you.  Your whole operation was that enjoyable and yes definitely the best value.  To anyone considering motorcycling in India, this is one man in my opinion you can totally trust and will give you an experience of your life.

Ken McKee,

(Auckland, New Zealand)

Kenneth Mckee Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Himalayan - JUL 2015

Fantastic experience, exceptionally well organized and operated.   

Don't be put off by the low price; it is definitely too good to be true !!

Colin Jackson  (Honikiwi, New Zealand)

Colin Jackson on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

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Himalayan - JUL 2015

Epic; is one word to describe this Himalayan experience.  Atul, our tour leader, looked after every detail to ensure we could enjoy a Himalayan holiday to the utmost.  Throughout the tour I kept thinking how much harder & stressful it would have been without his experience & guidance.  The support crew very helpful & very friendly.  Atul's stories at the end of each day were legendary.  I highly recommend ABoriginal Tours for your Himalayan experience.

Alasdair McDowall  (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Alasdair McDowall on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

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Himalayan - JUL 2015

Gilbert Luke on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

Another absolutely fantastic tour run by the best guide in India!  Thanks so much for a fun, interesting, educational and most importantly safe ride!  

Might be back for a third tour yet.  Thanks Atul

Gilbert Luke (Dunedin, New Zealand)

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Himalayan - JUL 2015

Henk van Halem on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

After my first experience with ABoriginal Tours in 2013 (in Rajasthan) I could not wait to do the Himalayan tour as well.  As to be expected I was not disappointed.  What a great adventure. Everything was very well organized.  Atul's coolness and planning again was second to none.  His peoples skills and sense of humour are a big part of the tour.  Thanks Atul and his crew for a fantastic, unforgettable trip and for exceptional value for money. You are a legend in my books!  I'm happy to be contacted by anyone who wants to do one of his tours.

Henk van Halem (Pirongia, New Zealand)

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Himalayan - JUL/AUG  2015

Adam Ker on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

Excellent value, excellent service from Atul and team and an

excellent experience of India.

Adam Ker

(Uapiti, New Zealand)

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Neil Walker on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayan - JUL/AUG  2015

ABoriginal tours are a fantastic experience.  If you like riding motorcycle then this trip will not only allow you to experience some of the most challenging roads and beautiful countryside, but also experience the culture and unforgettable  food.  Atul and his team do an amazing job.

I highly recommend them.

Neil Walker  (Wellington, New Zealand)

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Rodney Walker on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India Lynette Walker on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

Himalayan - JUL/AUG  2015

Great riding in a new country, different culture, different food, different bikes, new friends, a whole new experience. Your tour gave all this and more.  I loved it all.

Lyn Walker (Paraparaumu, New Zealand)       ==>>

The Spiti Circuit is a great tour with excellent off road riding & great scenery.  The tour itinerary provided a great mix of sightseeing, riding and seeing a different culture. The support crew were excellent and nothing was too much trouble. I would like to thank Atul for a great tour & would definitely recommend to others.

<<==  Rod Walker (Paraparaumu, New Zealand)

Rajasthan - NOV 2015

Fiona Fordham & Murray Lord on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

I was excited but a little apprehensive about a motorcycle trip in India, a country that was a complete unknown for me.  However, in the experienced and professional hands of Atul & his crew we were able to enjoy and experience a true taste of the country without having to be concerned about the organization.  Each day revealed amazing sights and surprises.  An incredible trip that I would recommend to any bike rider/pillion with a sense of adventure. Definitely an experience that will remain with me forever.

Fiona Hunter (with Murray Lord)  (Wellington, New Zealand)

Ronald Watt on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

If you want to see, experience and taste the real Rajasthan this is the only way to do it.  A real life-enhancing experience, run by an extremely capable professional, thoroughly recommended.

Ron Watt (Wellington, New Zealand)

Henk Van Halem on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours Rajasthan - OCT 2013

After coming across ABoriginal Tours on the internet, I checked out one of the testimonials and it all sounded good.  I did the 21-day Rajasthan which was extremely well organized.  It exceeded all my expectations.  Going with a local organizer/ tour guide means you get the best out of your trip.  ABoriginal Tours gives outstanding value for money.  

I can’t speak highly enough of Atul (Tour Director), with his great people skills and good sense of humour which made the tour even more enjoyable.  Thanks very much Atul for an unforgettable trip and for the laughs we had.  I will recommend you to anyone interested in motorcycle tours in India.  I really hope you do well until we meet again for the Himalayan tour.

Henk van Halem (New Zealand)

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Lynn Baker & Rex Haslip on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India Himalayas - JUL 2013

I initially struggled with the concept of a Holiday in the the Himalays on the motorcycle, but that is exactly what I had. The balance between the ride days and the rest days and the stops along the way was perfect and while we covered 1800 Kms of varying roads,I feel relaxed,refreshed and so uh richer for the experience. Thank u Atul, u pulled together an awesome experience that I would not hesitate in recomending to others. look forward to joing u again for another adventure, Raj next time.

Rex Haslip (Auckland, New Zealand)

Tour of the Himalayas with ABoriginal Tours far exceeded my expectations - the trip was everything and more. From the scenery to the roads themselves, the short trip to villages, the high passes and lakes. All topped by the incredible crew working with ATUL and of course none of this could have happened without Atul and his never ending ability to have plan A to B, to B2 to B3 when the weather gods forgot to smile on us.  Saving up for a Rajasthan tour next.

Lynn Baker (Auckland, New Zealand)

Jenny Spaans on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

This is a well put together tour - in spite of flooding making us resort to plan B.  Atul makes it happen it somehow!


Jenny Spanns


New Zealand)

Colin Landy on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India Himalayas - JUL 2013

Awesome value for money, don’t be put off by the lack of KM’s in the itinerary as there is enough to keep keen riders satisfied & is an amazing holiday as well.

Colin Landy (Wellington, New Zealand)

David Butler on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tour - ABoriginal Tours India

Now back Home in NZ I can reflect on what has been the single most challenging and rewarding month I have ever spent. With the help of my fellow riders and the brilliant support of Atul and his crew I took on the Himalayan roads and came through, a better rider and a more humble person. The cultural melee that is India cannot be described, only experienced, and to do it on an

ABoriginal motorcycle tour is the ultimate way to go. As every day rolled around the experience just got better and better. If it wasn't the buzz of the ride, it was the sheer beauty of the country we were riding through. From the misty tree clad hills of Shimla and Manali to the huge mountains and valleys of Ladakh I was spellbound every day of the tour.Despite the vagaries of the weather Atul always had a contingency, at one stage I believe we were on plan "B3", but at no time was there ever a doubt that we would get through. The man is unstoppable.

Thanks Atul and the crew for making this the absolute trip of a lifetime. I have no hesitation in recommending this "motorcycle Holiday" to anyone with a love of two wheels and a hankering for adventure. Be aware, this is not a trip for the faint hearted. Be prepared for the ride of a lifetime.


David Butler (Tauranga, New Zealand)

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Robert Toebosch on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

On booking this holiday I wasn’t sure what to experience. BUT this was an experience both culturally and a riding journey that bought wonder each day.  From one day to next I did not know what to expect and each day bought something new.  

Atul is an excellent operator who joins in the fun and yet is professional.  Each circumstance that arose was taken control of and our well-being was always paramount.  For those who enjoying riding motorcycle experiencing different cultures and amazing scenery, I thoroughly recommend this sojourn.

Rob Toebosch (Auckland, New Zealand)

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Bryan Clapcott on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Atul and his team have given me a great insight into the Himalayas and India -  Fantastic ever-changing, scenery and road conditions. We have been to places we would never venture as tourists. We tasted the food, the cultures and the very friendly smiley people.  ABorignal Tours is a very professional, young, dynamic team , who are serious about  giving you the great value for money , safety and backup on latest bikes.  

There doesn’t seem to be anything that is a problem that can’t be sorted.  You encounter roads that  are nothing but goat tracks & river crossings but that’s what make this trip exciting.  I take my hat off to Atul & the team for a fantastic memorable adventure beyond my expectations.

Bryan Clapcott (Auckland, New Zealand)

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Dean Cowell on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

I took part in the 2013 Himalayan 3-week tour. The trip was a milestone experience for me and an adventure I will never forget.  Atul ran a professional tour that fulfilled my expectations as a customer. His support staff were friendly, helpful and motivated and did all they could to assist us along the way.  

All in all an excellent tour and one I can recommend to experienced riders wishing to do something different and challenging.  I cannot think of any negative comments regarding the tour and would be happy to answer questions from anyone considering joining ABoriginal Tours.

Dean Cowell (Tauranga, New Zealand)

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Kelven Martin on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Fact is: this is so much more than just riding motorcycles - the trip includes so much local knowledge and visits to the forts, monasteries, historic sites as well.  Bikes, support crew are all professional.  Due to the nature of the area you ride-plans and routes can change but Atul always has plan B & C.  Value for money is outstanding - don’t let this fool u.  Like most before me this will rate as a trip of a lifetime - just do it.

Kelven Martin (Tepuke, New Zealand)

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Richard Harvey on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India Himalayas - JUL 2013

Well, where do you start?  My son & I had a terrific ride through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.  There were many parts that were very challenging particularly with a pillion on board; with creek crossings, roads in bad condition, to say the least.  However, that was all part of the adventure and wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it

Atul runs a very well organized tour, with a great back-up crew who were more than happy to help anytime.  Any minor issues with the bikes were quickly resolved.  I highly recommend the add-ons as well.  We went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  Atul organized it as well – and what an experience.  I highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting an adventure ride with some of the best scenery in the world.

Richard Harvey (with son, Jon-Luke)

 – Upper Hutt, New Zealand

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Ken Mckee on a Rajasthan MC Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India

This was my second trip with Atul and again really enjoyable.  These tour’s with the interaction of small groups form many countries are really great.  

My one suggestion to anyone who comes, don’t be shy in talking to the  locals.  Most will respond very positively and open their hearts and you will see the real India.

Ken Mckee

(Auckland, New Zealand)

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Ian Fulcher on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

India for me has been a land of surprises & fascination never ceasing to amaze.  I can say its been a true adventure but with the comfort in knowing willing help is close at hand from the staff at ABoriginal Tours.  Excellent Value Adventure.

Ian Fulcher  

(Darfield, New Zealand)

Richard Coia on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours - ABoriginal Tours India Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2012

With his eye for detail, natural friendliness and excellent local knowledge Atul has arranged a superb tour through this fascinating part of india.  Each day got better than previous.   I had a fantastic time and would not hesitate to recommend Atul’s tours for the intrepid motorcyclist.

Richard Coia


New Zealand)

Himalayas - JUL 2016

A great experience, great organization with significant cultural aspect for a new traveler to India. Thanks to Atul, Dheeraj and crew.

Terry Jacobson

(Auckland, NZ)

Absolutely awesome adventure, Atul and his team go way beyond what should be expected to ensure a very well run trip.  I would recommend the Himalayan tour to anyone with a quest of adventure.

Murray Dommett

(Palmerston North, NZ)

I came on the tour on recommendation of a friend (Henk van Halem) who had done both Rajasthan & Himalayan tours with ABoriginal.  He said it was great and the tour did exceeded my expectations.  The planning, management and communication was excellent.  The leadership, control and making us feel safe when sometimes in adverse conditions was outstanding.  What really sets it apart is the feeling that Atul cares about you as a client and a person; cares that you’re safe and having an enjoyable time.  That feeling is generated by the good back-up crew as well; being patient and willing to help at all times in a cheerful manner, whatever the circumstances.  For anyone wanting to ride a motorcycle and experience India, I doubt you’ll find a better way than with Atul and ABoriginal Tours.

Howard Clement (Whangarei, NZ)

Himalayas - JUL 2016

Himalayas - JUL 2016

Himalayas - JUL 2017

Himalayas - JUL 2016

Himalayas - JUL 2017

Himalayas - JUL 2017

Himalayas - JUL 2017

My tour without a doubt has been the most wonderful adventure of my life, it has challenged me and my reward has been the satisfaction of completing the tour safely.

Glen Ladkin  (Tauranga, NZ)

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Rajasthan - NOV 2016

As a pillion rider on Atul's tour I found the riding, sightseeing and shopping the perfect balance.  I learnt very quickly don’t expect anything as

the unexpected always happens.  Atul is a wonderful tour leader and it was great to see India through his eyes.  Everyday was an adventure and we were never disappointed.

Sandy Eves (Wellington, NZ)

Fantastic experience, Top staff had heaps of fun. Bikes were real neat and very well maintained and strong,  days were very well planned and time on bike well planned, overall an excellent tour and highly recommended.

Stuart Morton (Greytown, NZ)

Himalayas - JUL 2017

I went from not wanting to ever go to India to “can’t wait to be back again” as a result of the experiences on this tour.  The Spiti trip is an absolute adventure.  ABoriginal Tours is a well run & experienced crew.  I would recommend this company to anyone and will be back for more.

Steve Anderson  (Wellington, NZ)

WOW – what a great tour !  Everything well organized which made it a fantastic tour.  Had a blast.  Would totally recommend Atul & his team.  Cheers…

Paul Waite  (Wellington, NZ)

What an awesome experience.  Right from the get go there was a new experience/ sight around every corner.  Beautiful sights, high & majestic; felt very privileged to be riding through such an amazing place.  Definitely exceeded my expectations as tour was organized & run exceptionally well.  Would recommend it to anyone.

Christopher Ryder  (Wellington, NZ)

Himalayas - AUG 2017

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Himalayas - AUG 2017

I, never in my wildest dreams, thought that I would experience anything like this tour.  The beauty, harsh & extreme environment that you travel through everyday cannot be described.  If you like taking photos I’d recommend bringing a remote controlled camera for helmet or handle bar otherwise you would want to stop every few minutes to take a photo of the stunning landscape.  I was amazed by the labour that goes into building and maintaining these Himalayan roads.  This is a hard ride so come and be prepared for a life changing experience.

Dave Paynter  (Nelson, NZ)

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Himalayas - AUG 2017

Atul and his crew have made this motorcycle trip not only an adventure but an amazing cultural journey with so many surprises along the way. The villages, the mountains and utmost the people we met; confirmed that India is truly Incredible!  See you guys for the Rajasthan tour.

Campbell Thomson  (Wellington, NZ)

Himalayas - AUG 2017

I thought I’d do a Himalayan tour once, that was back in 2012! Then came 2014 and now again in 2017!  ABoriginal Tours never disappoints; a surprise around every corner, literally.  2017 was a new challenge in that I had my 18 year old daughter as a pillion.  A fantastic experience and one we’ll remember together forever.  A big thanks to Atul and his fantastic team for making a Indian experience seamlessly smooth. Who knows will there be a tour no 4… will have to see!

Ian Fulcher (Christchurch, NZ)

This tour has taken me out of my comfort zone and opened my mind up to a whole new world! Very well organized and I loved the accommodation will definitely not forget this trip.  Massive thank you to Atul and his crew!

Jodie Fulcher (Christchurch, NZ)

Steve Barker (Foxton Beach, NZ)

Never having been to India before and having some preconceived ideas of it, this tour has delivered so much more than I ever expected.  I wanted to be surprised, horrified, amazed, humbled and I was, every hour or every day; something new came into view.  The contrast of the countryside and the people from day to day was just amazing.  Atul’s attention to detail from our first inquiry to the end on the tour is so professional.  The information he supplies is accurate and informative, he is entertaining and very approachable, an all round a good guy.  His support crew are also a collection of good guys.  I have no hesitation recommending ABoriginal Tours to anyone that enjoys riding motorbikes in sometimes challenging conditions and able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.  Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure and you will have a trip of a lifetime. You might not fall in love with it, but at the end you will have a lot of admiration for the ROYAL ENFIELD.

Richard Lewis  (Palmerston North, NZ)

We have ended a fantastic 3 week tour of the Himalayas on the simple but rugged ROYAL ENFIELDs.  The tour has been extremely fantastic. As riders we have been able to concentrate on enjoying the ride each day and not to worry about the route or any of the issues normally associated with travelling in a foreign country.  If you want a hassle free and memorable holiday in India, I thoroughly recommend ABoriginal Tours... great guys, great bikes, great country.

Steve Barker (Foxton Beach, NZ)

When I arrived for the tour I still was not sure what to expect, everyday  riding was a new adventure there was no two days the same, the scenery changed all the time and I enjoyed every minute of it , the people on the tour with me fast became friends. The ABoriginal guides and crew became an extended family, It was a great experience that I didn’t want to end.

Andrew Bentley  (Te Puke, NZ)

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