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Visiting India is overwhelming, visiting India on Royal Enfield is impossible to describe.  After a decent briefing about Indian way and Indian traffic, Atul guided us in a perfect way following the Indian “traffic dance”.

We visited all the fantastic places in a very special way.

Henry & Lutgarde


(Mortsel, Belgium)

Henry & Lutgarde on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tour India

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Lilianne & Frank Watzeels on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tour India

We traveled already 140.000.k.m by bike and saw the whole of Europe, Morocco, Turkey  and Ethiopia, but this was a totally  different experience again and it is certainly the top 3 of all the  traveling we did until today.  A marvelous way to discover India and specially its traffic which is amazing.  Never thought we would make it without a scratch.

Watzeels Frank (Purrs, Belgium)

As a first encounter with India, this has been a marvelous experience.  The perfect organization of Atul and his crew on this ABoriginal motorcycle tour has made this the most careless  and wonderful journey I ever had.  Thanks to his never failing planning, Atul takes you through  this  beautiful part of India, going through one [hectic] to another interesting town, with its overwhelming  forts and places and ending the day in a very comfortable and charming hotel. Not a worry in the world.  The only thing you have to do is your senses let be attached  of all the strong impulses they get [every second !] and enjoy your ride on the beautiful coloured Enfields.

Lilianne (Puurs, Belgium)

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Pascal Vleminckx & Danielle Scherens Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Thanks for this wonderful tour to Atul & his excellent crew. If someone deserves to succeed in his business, it must be Atul.  He is a wonderful organiser and a person worth knowing.  Keep going, Atul, and we will meet again for the Rajasthan tour !

- Danielle Scherens

Thanks for everything.  One of my best trips !!!

- Pascal Vleminckx

(Kraainem, Belgium)

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Frans Borms Luc van Laere Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Zeer goed georganiseerde trip met oog voor elk detail zodat het voor de motorriders echt genieten wordt.  Het was zien, horen, ruiken en beleven van begin tot einde.  

Rajasthan is gewoon prachtig, zelfs al rij je soms door een vuilnisbelt.  Alles is hier compleet anders, onvoorspelbaar, crazy - een buitengewoon avontuur!

Luc van Laere (Kasterlee, Belgium)

It was very good !  A good small “group”.  The trip in Rajasthan was a great adventure.  India is beautiful and “ugly” at the same time.  I’ve got a lot of fantastic impressions and memories.  Thanks for the perfect organisation.

Frans Borms (Sint-Amands, Belgium)

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Martine Simons & Winand Donders on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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I did not expect it to be so fantastic.  It is the best holiday ever, great views, challenging, best crew, good support, helpful, fine organization, Thank you  for everything.

Martine Simons

It was absolutely great, a lots of variety, challenging, good crew, tech-support and a pleasant tour leader.

Wien Donders

(Maaseik, Belgium)

Gert Buelens on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

The best of two worlds! Visiting all the major cultural sight’s of West Rajasthan in only 15 day’s and instead of long & dull bus rides, some 2000 km of challenging biking on top of that.

Gert  Buelens

(Mechelen, Belgium)

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