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Australia Kevin Williamson on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Ray & Margaret Shepherd on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Chris & Renate Gillard on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

 Well looked  after for the whole trip and the most spectacular scenery and roads.                                                                    

Dudley Squire    


 WA, Australia)


Dudley Squire on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

An absolutely fantastic trip.  Great to be shown a part of India by a local Indian.  

Carl Wilson on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Atul and his team  run an extremely high quality, well organized tour.  The attention to detail is obvious from the bikes (which are the latest  models with electric start), the support team (Always ready to help with a smile in the toughest conditions), the level of spares carried, the varied itinerary and coping with the unexpected.  

The tour was incredibly good value for money (especially given the kind of support and  standards that Atul sets!) Atul and his team are highly attentive to the needs of individual riders  - which will vary inevitably accross the group.  No  one was ever left behind !

This tour is an interesting insight into one of the world’s toughest terrain. If you want a challenge you will never be disappointed!!  But by careful planning and cutting no corners ABoriginal Tours has an amazing safety record in  delivering an amazing adventure experience. UNHESITATINGLY RECOMMENDED!!

Carl Wilson

(Melbourne, Australia)


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Geoff Cohn on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Atul doesn’t talk up the adventure challenge part of the tour – but there was a lot of tough off road riding and long days involved – all the while he kept a close eye on everyone to ensure they were ok and despite taking us through the mud and cliffs of the “second most dangerous road in the world” Rohtang pass at 4000m (just google it to get a good idea) he made sure we all got through with only minor spills and bruises – one of the toughest and  best days riding I have ever had.

He and his crew are organized and friendly, his bikes are first rate (and contrary to one of his competitors opinion it doesn’t have to be a kick start beast to be a proper Enfield – these were beautiful machines that baulked at nothing and the electric start was a Godsend at times) the food and hotels were just right for the occasion and his prices are far more reasonable than other operators.

I have no hesitation in recommending ABoriginal Tours to anyone – you will love it.

Geoff Cohn

(Perth, Australia)

 I have deliberately waited a few weeks before completing this testimonial simply because so much happened on the trip that it has taken a while to sink in.  I have also spoken with other people who have done different tours with different operators.  It has become clear that if you want a genuine adventure holiday on great bikes, seeing some fantastic scenery and sights (plus about 400 hairpin bends) at a fair price with a local operator who knows what he is doing then Atul and ABoriginal Tours is your only choice.

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Himalayas - AUG 2012

Organisation: Your organisation and running of the tour was also excellent.  Very professional.  The bikes, which were near new, are well maintained and your support crew always there to rectify problems – like swapping out my deflated tyre on a rugged mountain pass in about 3 minutes flat.  Impressive. None of the other motorcycle tours that we came across (and we saw a few) had gear as good as ours nor the level of backup.

Value: Excellent value for money. Unbeatable.  Atul: A good guy and a professional operator.

Thanks again for a memorable time.  I hope to see you again soon on the Rajasthan tour.

Alan Menton  (Lane Cove NSW, Australia)

 Thanks Atul, for an excellent tour.

The Tour:  I have ridden motorcycles on and off over the past 40 years including a bit of adventure touring in the Australian outback, and riding in the hills and mountains of Northern Thailand and Northern Vietnam. Therefore, I thought I had some expectations of what might be to come.  However, I never expected the 100% sensory overload that your Himalayas tour produced all day and every day.  The scenery was stunning and varied, the roads and tracks totally involving (generally with life-limiting chasms on one side with the odd landslide thrown in), colourful Tata trucks and local busses emerging, as if by magic, out of hairpins on your side of the road (oops, correction – they are bigger so it is their side of the road), the cows and goat herds that also share (or in the case of cows ‘own’) the road, the people that you see and meet, and of course, the majestic Enfields thrumping along and making it all happen.

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Kim Bailey on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tours with ABoriginal Tours India

In a word, the tour was: fantastic.  While  the riding at times were challenging with water crossings, the equivalent of goat tracks to ride on at times, calf deep mud at times, then suddenly a pristine  piece of road  out of nowhere. However that’s why we came.  The  accommodation, while fairly basic, was good .  

Food was great and the staff along the way couldn’t do more to help.  Atul and his crew were fantastic, always happy to step in and assist where necessary and great sense of humour (when  we could understand each other) Atul’s endless patience with our endless questions was great. I think one of the best benefits was being shown a beautiful part of India by an Indian and the insights into it’s culture, why people do things in a particular way was invaluable.

Kim Bailey

(Perth, Australia)


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Leslie King on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Brian Daly on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

 I was looking for a motorcycle tour in India after a friend had been on one to the Himalayas with another company. When I came across ABoriginal Tours, I was attracted by the website and the fact that it was a local Indian company and that the owner actually led the tour himself. I did the 2 week Spiti tour in August 2012 and couldn't have been happier. Yes it was challenging but it was an experience of a lifetime and one I am so glad I did. The scenery was spectacular, the roads at times were a challenge but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. (Could have done without the "Mud day"!)

We had 15 riders on the tour. We all got on exceptionally well and we were supported by a great crew. A couple of riders struggled at times but were given every encouragement and help by Atul (leader and owner) and his 5 support crew.  Atul and his assistant Suresh organised everything so well, it went like clockwork (not an easy task in India) and his support drivers and mechanics were excellent. I couldn't believe how quickly they could change a flat tyre.

Atul runs a tight ship. For the price paid the tour was excellent, professional, well organised, the accommodation was much better than I expected, the food was good and plentiful, the support crew friendly and always looking to help in some way.  The bikes were near new and well maintained and prepared every morning.

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Even the crew's cricket skills were impressive! Did Bobby ever get that tennis ball from the Police Commissioners' office? Atul joined into the spirit of things every night and he can even tell a pretty good joke even if I don't think he quite got the Australian sense of humour at times. The pace of the tour was great and having a rest day every few days was most welcome.

 If you are considering this type of tour you couldn't go past Atul and ABoriginal Tours. It will be challenging and you should really be an experienced rider to attempt it. This tour is not for the beginner. I know I will remember this tour as one of the best things I have done and my fellow travellers on it (Atul, crew and other riders) as some of the best "blokes" I have met. (For those who marked my small mishap in the mud as a fall, I insist it was just a clothing malfunction and a clumsy stepping off the bike!) All the best for the future Atul.

Brian Daly

(Brisbane, Australia)


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Giles Pattison on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - MAR 2014 Marion & Peter Hensgen on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Mark Mussett on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

What a ride, surely the trip of a lifetime!!  Tour exceeded my expectations  and  was very well organised.  Atul and his crew are excellent, experienced and thorough.  Easily it is the best Motorcycle tour in the  Himalayas.  Certainly it is a challenging

ride in conditions, which at times are difficult.  But the rewards are enormous.  I highly recommend this tour for its variety of terrain, stunning scenery and the professional way in which it was run. And it was great fun.

Mark Mussett

(Maroochydore QLD, Australia )

Rajasthan - MAR 2014 Clyde Graham on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - MAR 2014 Chris & Andy de Blank on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Rajasthan - MAR 2014

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This has been a trip like no other… more an adventure than a holiday.

Nigel Taylor (Sydney, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL 2014

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ABoriginal Tours put together a magnificent tour of Rajasthan. Their organization was excellent, accommodation exceeded expectations; the bike routes were many and varied, providing a fascinating view of Rajasthan.  A bond of camaraderie developed amongst the group with much laughter and fun.  Atul and his team attended to our every need, we could not fault their motorcycle tours of India.

Annie & Geoff Dempster              (Melbourne, Australia)

Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Annie & Geoff Dempster on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Himalayas - JUL 2014

Eddie Stockley on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Terrific tour , very friendly staff , support bask up  from mechanics was excellent definetly doing another tour.

Eddie Stockley    (Weipa,  Australia)

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Holiday of a lifetime! A fabulous experience.  India is incredible and on a motorcycle even more so ! Tour leader and staff are wonderful, bikes are great for the conditions [but bring/or rent an air hawk seat pad] and the tour was organized to perfection.  I’ll be back for more.... Himalayas!!

Warwick Paton       (Melbourne, Australia)

Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Warwick Paton on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Best organized tour we’ve ever done.  Accommodation couldn’t be faulted, being off the main tourist routes was a highlight. Surprises (mainly of good kind) kept happening everyday.  We have no hesitation in recommending Atul’s tours to anybody interested in motorcycling in India.

Andrew & Linda Butcher      (Croydon, Australia)

Rajasthan - FEB 2015

Linda & Andrew Butcher on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Atul and support staff of ABoriginal thank you for providing a memorable tour of the Himalayas.  ABorignal provided the opportunity to tour the Himalayas and the opportunity to solutly match this with my love of motorcycle touring provided the ultimate touring experience.  The element that contributed most was the human element by the members of this tour and the staff of ABoriginal Tours.  I cannot speak highly enough about the members of ABoriginal Tours; they were professional and service was always provided in good humour and a smile.  I will have no hesitation in recommending ABoriginal Tours to people who seek my opinion for a memorable Himalayan tour.

Albert Tully (Canberra, Australia)

Himalayas- JUL 2015

Albert Tully on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Himalayas - JUL 2015

Rose Gibson & Chris Martin on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

We came here to ride motorbikes in the Himalayas- and that’s exactly what we did – and more !! Challenging rides, spectacular views, Indian culture, camaraderie, lots of laughs- but most expert guidance and support by a man who knows his own country and who knows what motorcyclist wants out of a tour like this.  If u want to ride India safely, with a fun factor set to high and value for your money, ABoriginal Tours is by far the best choice.

Robert Jeffries (Eleebana, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Robert Jeffries on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Oh my….where to start?  We have been down a part of India in all it’s glory, from lush forests in the hills to the barren mountains of the mountains of the Himalayas.  We have ridden roads that have tested our strength and abilities with miles of twists, water crossings, dust, buses and live stock that have kept us on our toes.  We have met the most wonderful and hardworking people throughout the trip and have the best backup crew helping us in every way possible.  This trip was made special as every rider knows, that when you get a bunch of rider’s together doing what they love best, IT’S BLOODY AWESOME !!!…….

                                                        Susie Owen    (NSW, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Susie Owen on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours Susie Owen & Paul Selwood on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours Paul Selwood on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours

A fantastic trip that I am sure challenged every rider in some way, the sight’s were all incredible and local’s specially the children seemed to get a thrill out of seeing us all go by.  A very well run trip that would be very hard to beat.

Paul Selwood     (NSW, Australia)

ABoriginal Tours have just given me the experience of a life time. The Indian people, the mountains and the valleys and the camaraderie of the group have far exceeded any expectation I may have had before the trip.  Atul runs a well organized operation with all the back up plans to cope with any situation.  The motorbikes are well suited to the conditions and with a very experienced back up team behind us at all times we had complete faith in the Royal Enfields.  I have toured before but never with such a professional, entertaining, stimulating and exciting tour group. Thank you Atul.

Peter Barnett       (Sydney, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL 2015

Peter Barnett on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Peter Barnett on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Thank you Atul, for letting me to fulfil one of my dreams.  Absolutely fantastic time.  Professionally run, expert crew, great camaraderie, excellent food, very reliable bike, as well as visiting all these amazing places, the culture that went with them. Thanks heaps mate.

Laurie Thomson      (Armidale, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2015

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I would recommend ABoriginal Tours to anyone wanting a real taste of India on a motorcycle. The itinerary, organization, backup & total experience was exemplary.  Atul and his team are true professionals, always on hand and with a back up plan B or C if required.  The Six Rivers Tour through the Himalayas showcased the beauty of Himachal Pradesh and its friendly people. Atul is a proud ambassador of his country and region and it shows in his knowledge and love of the area. Thank you once again.

Neil Rose        (Melbourne, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2015

Neil Rose on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Absolutely up there with the most exhilarating adventures of my life time.  The sights, smells, food, people and experiences all overwhelming! Atul and his staff are extremely professional, friendly and helpful.  Pricing is fantastic!  will be recommending this tour to all of my motorcycle riding friends.

David Galea (Melbourne, Australia)

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Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2015

David Galea on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Wow what a ride! Deep in the Lahaul & Spiti region of the Himalayas!... Ask no questions, just look and feel the environment and take every turn as it comes.  For bike enthusiasts, who want to experience India with an experienced crew who are prepared and are proud Indians.  Thanks Atul and crew… see ya again.

Ric Onley      (Adelaide, Australia)

Himalayas - JUL/AUG 2015

Rick Onley on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Just returned from my second Himalayan Tour/ Adventure with Atul and the crew. The first one was the classic Leh to Shimla. This one was the Spiti circuit.  Like always Atul's tours are by far the best value on the market. The tours are always well lead and the back up crew are always at hand  for any mechanical  help or "rider error"  issues - always ready on the spot to pick you up dust you off and get you going again - not that this happens often and much less than you think it would. Having "locals" to lead the tours - Atul or Dheeraj - both with good knowledge of the areas, the roads and the local language and conditions greatly adds to making the trips go smoothly.  They know where to stop and what to do if road conditions change - as they easily can in these remote areas. Sometimes the roads are a little rough and the accommodation sometimes basic - but remember you are traveling on "roads less traveled" and this becomes part of the challenge of the adventure. So I have no hesitation in recommending ABoriginal Tours for you Indian adventure. And don't just do it once - all tours are unique and different so don’t hesitate - just do it before you get too old. 

Lewis Carey (Killarney Vale, NSW, Australia)

Himalayas - AUG 2015

Lewis Carey on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Rajasthan- NOV 2015

Bruce Smit on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Highly Recommended Tour…

Great Operation

Great Staff

Great Locations

Great Hotels !!

Bruce Smit   (Perth, Australia)

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Rajasthan- NOV 2015

Allan Woodward on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Absolutely Awesome !!

Allan Woodward  (Perth, Australia)

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Rajasthan- FEB 2016

Keith & Carol Millband on a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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We went on the 21 day trip of Rajasthan in February 2016 with Atul and his wonderful crew Dheeraj, Suresh & Rajender.  I can’t speak highly enough of the whole trip, it was so well organised; the accommodation, food, bikes and places were all amazing and we had so much fun.  We can recommend ABoriginal Tours without hesitation, truly the most wonderful experience ever, loved every minute and really hope to do it again.

Carol & Keith Millband (Gwelup, WA, Australia)

If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime, this will do it.  This tour is superbly organized and supported.  Atul has arranged an itinerary that will show some of the extremes, diversity & beauty of a country of which he is clearly proud & loves.  The Himalayas are breath-taking.  The Bike: You will fall in love with the Royal Enfield.  Mine chugged over 1800 KM of some of the worst roads in the world and didn’t miss a beat.  Atul’s superb crew were always on hand to attend to any glitches, if required.  The Roads: Pot holes, countless switchbacks, cows lying on the road, oncoming buses and single lane roads, maniac overtaking – but it all works out and in the end you too will be “riding like an Indian”.  Facilities: Surprisingly good, bearing in mind that you are travelling to some of the remotest places on the planet.  Facilities in the tent camps are also good (more like glamping).  Atul & his crew: Excellent, you will be begging Atul to tell more of his “stories” !!  Trip of a lifetime ?  Definitely.  Thanks all.

Chris Martin & Rose Gibson  (Canberra, Australia)

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Nigel Taylor on a Himalayan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

The trip was a wonderful introduction to the delight & wonders of India.  The Royal Enfields are an excellent way to travel through the countryside & village life up-close.  Traveling with the group was a positive experience and the support of Atul and the team was very professional. thank you for an unforgettable holiday.

 Christine Robertson (Melbourne, Australia)

The trip was so good in so many ways. First the team of Atul &the support staff were always patient, professional & friendly. Second, seeing Rajasthan from the Royal Enfield felt that I was seeing & experiencing the Real India”. Third the challenges of the riding conditions, traffic, roads etc was very satisfying.  Fourth the accommodation and meals were superb.  Fifth the group of people were such enjoyable company.  And last of all, the Royal Enfields were the best, Thanks Atul and your team for a truly memorable holiday.

Don Robertson (Melbourne, Australia)

What a fantastic experience - riding the classic Royal Enfield through beautiful Rajasthan. Watching the faces of children + adults lightup as you cruise through the many villages on route. Nearing the end of the days ride, looking expectantly to the next  nights accommodation there, feeling u ‘d arrived in paradise - lovely hotels, hot showers, cold beers and tasty Indian food.  Atul and his very competent and friendly team exceeded all our expectations.  Extremely well run , flexible & responsible.  Highly recommended.

Nev & Bev Owens (Canberra, Australia)

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Hi… the whole tour was a great success.  The India we thought we were coming to is much more than we expected.  The people are very happy to see us and the sights are amazing.  The bikes are easy to ride and perform better than we ever dreamed of.  Atul and his crew are awesome there is nothing that this team cannot do.  Thanks for the adventure of a life time.

Andy & Chris De Blank (Perth, Australia)

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This tour exceeded all of my expectations, India is a country that needs to be experienced up close and there is no better way than on the legendary Royal Enfields. The way Atul runs his business is the standard by which others should be judged.  His planning and organization are meticulous, and there is always a Plan B.  The balance of riding and rest days was perfect.  The hotels were excellent; some were tourist attractions in their own right.  This was both a holiday and an adventure… and I want to return.

Clyde Graham (Perth, Australia)

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Do not think about booking this tour, just do it - you will not be disappointed.  After 30 yrs of not riding a bike, this tour has rekindled my passion for riding and soon I will be going on another tour with Atul and his crew ... and bring some friends along.

Mark & Gillian Kelly (Perth, Australia)

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This is a well organized tour, top class accommodation and food and a variety of riding conditions.  We can strongly recommend this tour.  It is a great way to discover India and all her charms.

Robyn & Tom Smith (Perth, Australia)

Atul runs a thoroughly professional tour.  At first I had doubts about the price as it seemed too cheap but after investigating found it to be for real and great value for money.  Atul and his backup crew were very friendly with great sense of humour.  Our tour was disrupted badly by major floods and landslides but Atul always had a plan B and even a plan C.  The Royal Enfield bikes which (Atul admits) are not suited for the rough roads performed well and any problems were quickly fixed by his mechanics.  

Over all it was a great adventure holiday with just enough riding days with a few rest days for recovering.  I was worried about the Indian traffic but after mastering the use of the bikes horn it was easy to blend in the mayhem.

Peter Curtis (Sydney, Australia)

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ABoriginal Tours delivers on the packaging - have no fears!

Atul [Tour director] is very  honest, honorable and an excellent communicator.  Enfield bullets are reliable and as new - no issues at all !!!  The tour far surpassed my expectations.11/10!

People on  the tour were like-minded and fun to spend extended periods of time.  Hotels and restaurants were quirky, clean  and very hospitable, again exceeding expectations.  I hope to be back for next year.

Giles Pattison (Perth, Australia)

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This is the second tour I have done with ABORIGNAL MOTORCYCLE TOURS. The experience, organization, program is of the HIGHEST STANDARD with value for money.  I recommend Atul, his staff for anyone wanting an Indian holiday experience.

Ian Gillespie (Perth, Australia)

If you want to see the real India up close and personal then do the ABoriginal Tour with Atul. Superbly organized and value for money, riding through villages and down highways you really see and get a feel for the country and its diverse people and topography.  While the riding experience is exhilarating and exciting all of the major tourist attractions in Rajasthan are included.  A truly wonderful experience.

Iris Forrest (Perth, Australia)

Ian Gilespie & Iris Forrest on a Rajasthan Tour with Indian Motorcycle Tours ABoriginal Tours India

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Great tour again, Well worked out route with just long enough at each location.  Again well done, Atul.

Kevin Williamson

(Perth, Australia)

Great tour.  Would recommend to all, Run by a local INDIAN COMPANY, Great support staff, ran to time table, met great people on tour and loved local people.

Peter Hensgen, Albury, Australia.

Fabulous Tour run by a local  Indian company.  Any foreigners having reserves about booking with an Indian company should think otherwise.  ATUL & his group have  the local  “knowledge” to make this an outstanding tour- his efficiency & commitment to his customer is outstanding.  I had a wonderful time largely due to his “well oiled machines.”

Hensgen Marian, Albury, Australia.

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Had a wonderful time. I will probably come back within the next few year’s to do the Himalayan tour.

Ray Shepherd (Albury, Australia)

We have had a wonderful time. A well organized tour with a great support staff. We were well prepared by ATUL for the chaotic traffic in the cities & India’s road conditions. We look forward to coming on another tour.

Margaret Shepherd (Albury, Australia)

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I was determined to return after my  Himalyan tour & Atul didn’t let me down! The Rajasthan  tour is very different but equally as enjoyable.  Good food, good weather, good company & a very well organized tour through wonderful scenery means Atul is again the best!  

Thanks my friend, the memories will last for a very long time, ride safe & all the best for the future.

Chris Gillard (Perth, Australia)

A great way to experience India from the  back of the bike.  Great accommodation.  Would highly recommend it.

Renate Gilllard (Perth, Australia)

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You might choose ABorignal tours as they are best value  for money around, however I recommend them because Atul, the tour company owner and operator, is trustworthy, of very good character and a good organizer & communicator.  

The bikes themselves are newer models and well maintained.  The support crew [including mechanic and driver] are excellent as is the support vehicle - The accommodation and meals exceeded my expectations with the hotels located in quite locations.  Overall it was a great way to see a little slice of India.

Les King

(Coffs Harbour, Australia)

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Himalayas- JUL 2016

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A great tour at great pace. While other groups were pressed to maintain a schedule we had the luxury of time to get a feel for the area and relax. Some lay days certainly helped bodies to recover. The whole support team led by Atul was unfailingly upbeat and presented the bikes each morning cleaned and mechanically checked. Their efforts were reflected in the lack of mechanical issues, of punctures they were only a couple, extraordinary when you consider the roads we were on and what we put the bikes through. Do it now before the roads are improved and tours like this become too soft.

Bruce Swane (Sydney, Australia)

Himalayas- JUL 2016

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I rode the Himalayan grand tour in July 2016 with Atul and his assistant Dheeraj and the support crew.  A truly memorable experience.  Having completed a similar tour of the Himalayan on motorcycles in 2004, I am positioned to truly rate Indian motorcycle tours.  Atul's attention to all aspects of his clients requirement, particularly safety and enjoyment of the tour is outstanding. He is ably supported by Dheeraj and their pride in their India is evident.

Greg Massey (Perth, Australia)

Himalayas- JUL 2016

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I highly recommend ABorignal's Indian Motorcycle Tours.  From the leadership and support from Atul and his team during the rides through to the administration and support before the ride,  together ensured a great experience as well as an exciting adventure.

David Tate (Perth, Australia)

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Don’t change a thing. The rest days were needed to get over the previous hard days.  I liked Atul’s support for under privileged including schools & monasteries.

Bruce Bowman

(Perth, Australia)

Himalayas- JUL 2016

Himalayas- AUG 2016

Bruce Bowman

(Perth, Australia)

Having just completed The 6 Rivers Circuit (14 days) tour I must say I was totally impressed with the motor bikes, the itinerary (especially the company, its people).  ABoriginal Tours is a company of integrity, run by people of integrity, who you can totally trust.  They delivered much more than they promised and committed to continue with our tour group of very minimal number when a large group pulled out at the last moment.  Don’t underestimate their local knowledge, we were grateful of it  when we heard other overseas run tours reaching our camp at 1 am, in the middle of the night, after being caught out because of the lack of local knowledge.  I would have no hesitation in recommending ABoriginal Tours to my friends, family or anyone interested in doing an Indian Motorcycle Tour. Thanks Atul and his amazing team!

Feel free to contact me with any queries:

e-mail:   - Phone: (+61) 04873975553

Phil Brennan (Darwin, Australia)

Himalayas- JUL/AUG 2016

I would recommend this tour to anyone that loves Royal Enfields & motorcycles in general.

Himalayas- JUL/AUG 2016

Atul, I had an absolutely great time.  My motor cycling skills have been pushed every day and I have loved it.  Every day in India is a new adventure.  Doing it on Royal Enfield has made it so much fun.

Adrian Lester

(Perth, Australia)

Himalayas- AUG 2016

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"The Himalayas are an amazing place. Well worth doing this trip."

Rodney Ellis

(Tiwi Islands, Australia)

Having been recommended to me by a couple of friends who did an ABoriginal ride previously, I decided to do a trip myself.  I also looked at alternative options with other companions offering similar tours.  I came to the conclusion that the ABoriginal Tours option seem to offer very good value for money. This definitely proved correct. My dealings with Atul right from the initial contact was excellent, with E-mails replied too quickly, and answering my queries in detail as the trip got closer.  Detailed emails from Atul were provided with information relevant to the trip.  The transition from arrival in Delhi until the trip and went very smoothly the trip itself was fantastic with a good group of people, the excellent support staff, a good mix of riding conditions and always spectacular views.  I would recommend ABoriginal tours to anybody wanting to ride the Himalayas.

John Harris (Townsville, Australia)

Himalayas- AUG 2016

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Himalayas- AUG 2016

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Few friends and I joined The Spiti Circuit and had a ball . The riding was challenging, the scenery breathtaking, the guide and the tour leaders were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about location, history of the places we visited and were able to take us to a number of very special locations only they know of, that’s the advantage of local knowledge.  The bikes were well maintained, the crew were excellent, efficient and friendly.  I can speak very highly of the whole experience as it was the best holiday that I have had for years.


Please feel free to contact me (+61) 419857859

John Fisher (Perth, Australia)

Himalayas- AUG 2016

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The trip was everything that I had hoped for, the riding was challenging, demanding and thrilling.  Atul was brilliant in how everything was staged.  We grew into the challenge it was amazing. I liked the variety of  the ride which included  mud, rocky roads, stream crossing and sweeping corners.  The accommodation was varied and best  on offer for the locations.  Best of all was the organization. Everything had been thought of and the backup support was excellent.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Michael McCormick (Perth, Australia)

Himalayas- AUG 2016

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We joined this tour for a great adventure and that is exactly what we got!   A fantastic ride through brilliant scenery on a great variety of road surfaces (I am being polite calling some of the tracks).  Being given opportunities to push your self faster or just cruise in the middle of the pack gave great variation to the ride.  A very well run support team, great guidance from Atul to adapt to the Indian traffic and conditions, all lead to an excellent experience.  Thank you Atul and his support crew and to all of my riding partners for an experience of a lifetime.

Darren Rogers

(Melbourne, Australia)

Rajasthan - NOV 2016

You could not find a more professionally run & organized tour group to tour India with the ABoriginal tours.  Atul, the tour leader has exceptional leadership skills & knowledge of India. The scenery we travel through are amazing, it is part motorcycle tour & part heritage tour.  The accommodation is absolutely 1st class, the mechanics and helpers are amazing to deal with.  I have done this tour in 2014 and 2016 and the trip has evolved beyond all expectations, the bikes are in excellent condition and every problem is sorted out professionally and quickly.  I fully recommend ABoriginal tours if you want to tour India.

Ian Wakeman (Melbourne, Australia)

Rajasthan - NOV 2016

ABoriginal Tours is widely regarded as one of the most professional motorcycle tour operator in India - now I see why.  As someone who has experienced tours around the world, ABoriginal is hands down the best value , the best organized and the best itinerary. Exceptional experience, Thanks Atul!

Brendon Sinclair

This  has been the best holiday I have ever had, being on bikes enables you to experience India up close & it is a fantastic country. Atul is beyond fantastic everything so organized and the support crew were great, always there to help. Happy and friendly, Thanks for a fantastic experience.  Words cannot describe how fantastic discovering India on motorcycle is you simply has to experience it for yourself, Atul provides the most professional, organized friendly tour. Thanks Atul you’re a legend.

Mel Sinclair

(Gold Coast, Australia)

Thanks Atul and all your crew for an fantastic adventure.  The pace and distances worked well.

Rajasthan - NOV 2016

sensational. Will come back again when my wife lets me! Thank you so much Atul and his crew.

Jarrod Williams

Melbourne, Australia)

Rajasthan - NOV 2016

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Over all a great experience.  The organization was brilliant and lot of good surprises along the way. Highly recommended.

Rod Short

(Perth, Australia)

Amazing death defying eye opening experience, India is amazing, seeing it on a motorbike is

Himalayas - AUG 2017

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To say this trip is a “once in a lifetime experience” is so true… I had to do it again!! (my first tour with ABoriginal was in 2015).  Atul and his team of dedicated staff are exceptional ambassador for this beautiful country of India & the Himalayas. The tour is an explosion for ones senses and emotions.  I wholeheartedly recommend ABoriginal Tours... The memories will last a lifetime. Thanks again Atul and his crew.

Neil Rose (Melbourne, Australia)

Himalayas - AUG 2017

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I  cannot recommend this group of people highly enough.  They are extremely competent, have a deep knowledge of the job at hand and that starts from the drivers, the mechanics, to the ride leaders.  A totally well thought out itinerary that gives you all the thrills and hard riding you would want.

Gordon Elrick (Adelaide, Australia)

Himalayas - AUG 2017

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WOW – what an adventure to be accomplished.  Spectacular views and great food!!  Overall, the tour was very well organized and great friendships were made.  Had a ball.  Atul and his crew are very professional, helpful and kept everyone in tow.  I would recommend this tour to anyone.  Thank you very much Atul, Dheeraj & crew.  Cheers…

Allan Bates (Bairnsdale, VIC Australia)

I cannot express highly enough my gratitude to you and your team for the experience of a lifetime.  A group of “mid-fifty and over old guys” were taken on the most thrilling 14 days of motorbike riding there is to be had anywhere.  The roads through the Himalayas are as challenging as anything you have ever seen on TV and then some.  Riding up the switch-back dirt roads to altitudes over 4000 M with drops that have to be experienced once in your life.  You would think they would be frightening but you are so busy concentrating on the road ahead to notice.  The true rugged breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan mountains impacts on you most when you stop along the way at points of interest for a refreshing break – the scenery is awe-inspiring to say the least.  As you stand on the high altitude plateaus or amongst the mountain peaks, the solitude and enormity of the landscape gives you a sense that something spiritual is going on around you.  The villages you pass through along the way and visit gives you a real insight into the lives of the locals and their hardships living in & off such remote and rugged terrain.  Atul has the tour down pat with nothing left to

Himalayas - AUG 2017

question or chance; he covers it all and is prepared for almost anything.  The accommodation along the way varied from better than expected hotels that you think could not be found in such remote locations to the very comfortable tents which are permanent camps setup for the adventure tourist.  The food is awesome – plenty of it and of great standard.  The Royal Enfields are in 1st class condition and you won’t believe how forgiving they are riding over terrain way over what you would think is the design capabilities, but they do and handle whats thrown at them more than well.  We all made through the 14 days without any real incident.  I think Atul & his mechanics treat and care for the bikes more like part of the family than motorbikes.  Thanks Atul for taking us to the top of the world and bring us back safely.  If you can ride a motorbike reasonably well, do yourself a favour & do a Himalayan Tour with Atul & his team.  Awesome trip, awesome riding, awesome scenery and awesome people.  

John Ostler (Melbourne, Australia)

Mark Kelly  

(Perth, Australia)

After enjoying the Rajasthan Tour in 2014, The Himalayan grand tour didn’t disappoint. Atul and his crew looked after the group in an exceptional manner.  I doubt you will find a better run tour company in India as ABoriginal Tour is.

Oliver & Jill van Velden Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

"I did not like the tour.

My expectations were NOT met.

It wasn't a good experience."

I LOVED the tour !

My expectations were exceeded by far !!

It was a SPECTACULAR experience !!!

Thanks for an unbelievable adventure.  See you some time in the Himalayas... all the best.

Oliver Van Velden

German - Australian

(Lives in Brisbane, Australia)

Dear Atul, this motorcycle adventure has been amazing !  Special thanks to the fantastic organization and the knowledge of the well travelled areas by yourself including the amazing places we have stayed; my favourite being the Castle Bijaipur !  The extremely fun time we had at Sam Desert camp has made this feel like a holiday with friends rather than an organized tour.  Yusuf & Sanju have been very helpful and I have enjoyed being called "sister"  and listening to Indian music in the back-up car.  Thank you for a memorable experience of Rajasthan.

Jill van Velden,  (Brisbane, Australia)

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The Himalayan Tour with Atul was my first experience in an organized tour.  It was well planned & managed.  It exceeded my expectations.  The bikes & accommodation were very good.  Highly recommend it & the price was more than competitive.

Ian Gillespie

(Como, W. Australia)

Ian Gillespie Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Gary Bell Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

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Fantastic trip... Well organized and professionally run.  Bikes were superb and well set up with better tyres to suit the conditions.  This trip is the best “value for money” ride in India.  Many thanks to Atul & crew.  Cheers...

Gary Bell

(Dampier, W Australia)

Robert Duncan Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Fantastic.  Great ride, Great tour guide.  I would recommend anyone to do this tour.  The best holiday of my life.

Rob Duncan

(Perth, Australia)

Atul, I wish to thank you for a very memorable & enjoyable tour I did with you from 17 Jul -06 Aug 2011.  I would not hesitate to recommend the tour to others as it was well organised; our safety & well being was always paramount.

The bikes were excellent & in first class condition.

Kevin Wann


W Australia)

Kevin Wann Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Himalayas AUG 2011

The tour was better than expected - well organised, excellent value for money. The scenery along the route sells the Himalayas without the need of publicity - absolutely fabulous & beyond words.  

Atul becomes a friend to us all with his good humour & such a friendly nature.  For me a trip of a lifetime - Thanks Atul, thanks India.

Chris Gillard,

(Perth, Australia)

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Mogens Johansen on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Stunning Himalayan scenery, friendly Indian hospitality and a very professional team lead by the magnificent Atul. Thanks very much for a memorable tour, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it until a moment of stupidity lead to an earlier than anticipated end to the tour for me. The classic Royal Enfield's performed beyond expectation in the tough terrain. Highly recommended, Thanks Atul.

Mogens Johansen


(Perth, Western Australia)

Allan Webb Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Hi Atul

I would like to thank both you and your team for a truly memorable trip through the Himalayas, I had the ride of a lifetime. Your organisation was A1, your bikes were faultless, and I would not hesitate to recommend your trip to anyone.


Excellent value for money. Excellent bikes. Excellent people.  Thank you very much Atul, hope we meet again soon.

Allan Webb

(Mandurah, Western Australia)

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Kevin Williamson on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

A very well organised tour.  The roads and passes are something words can’t describe.  The only way is to see it by a bike.  That bike is Royal Enfield with ABoriginal Tours.

Kevin Williamson

(Perth,  Australia)

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Had a fantastic sometimes challenging time that really heightened the senses, raised  levels of awareness when riding and accepting things for what they are.  

Had confidence in the level of organization which left me to enjoy India & the riding experience.  Knowing all the logistical needs were taken care of.  Grab the opportunity while u can, go for it .

Colin Smith  

(Freemantle WA, Australia)

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Colin Smith on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India Oliver & Jill van Velden on a Himalayan Motorcycle Tour with ABoriginal Tours India

Proudly representing ABoriginal Tours first  repeat customers, any further comments appear  superfluous.  Atul has moved his organisation from good to better, making it an  absolute gem in the market  and through his hard work has paved the way to make it a leader in the field.  Taking great respect to the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) whose hard work in the remotest regions enables us to complete these tours, I take great pride in citing one of their many  slogans that indeed greatly describe ABoriginal Tours; “The sky is the limit, we’ll take u there!”

Oliver van  Velden

A very well organised and exciting tour, happy to say I have done both the Rajasthan & Himalayan tours with Atul.  Thank you.

Jill van Velden  (Brisbane, Australia)

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Himalayas - JUL  2017

A great tour with Atul and his boys.  India has more to offer than would ever be expected and there is no better way to enjoy it than on a Royal Enfield.  A must for the  bucket list.

Lucas Garden (Sydney, Australia)

Himalayas - AUG 2017

Brilliantly organized tour with an itinerary that provides a great range of experiences.  Highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience a great adventure.

Brendon & Jack Sinclair (Gold Coast, Australia)

Himalayas - AUG 2017

ABoriginal Tours run a fantastic tour.  Each day was well planned and the distances  covered were not too difficult.  We had plenty of time at the  end of  each day to explore the  local area and accommodation was excellent.  The food was also excellent and unfortunately you won’t lose any weight :-).  The vista of the Himalayas were a constant delight and the roads,  although challenging, are rideable on the majestic Royal  Enfield  Classic-  this  is THE bike for  the  Himalayas.   I loved it so much I am booking the Rajasthan tour for my next trip to India.  If you want any information, you can contact me  on  0417 672 239.

Craig Clendinning (Gosford, NSW Australia)