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In November 2010, we helped organize a charity event for the Veldwerk Foundation, The Netherlands.  20 Riders from Holland took the “Hot & Spicy Challenge” to ride Royal Enfield motorcycles from New Delhi to Mysore (3300 KM) in 14 days.  Associated with “Freedom through Education” (a Round Table India initiative), the tour was a huge success, raising over EUR 20,000 for the unprivileged children of India & Nepal.  The following story appeared in a local newspaper in Mysore, Karnataka on 21 NOV 2011, a day after the tours culmination at Hotel Metropole.

In August 2011, Chris Gillard of the The West Australian, toured the Himalayas with us.  He wrote the following 2 page account of his experience which was published in the newspaper on 23 Sep 2011.  Click the following links (Page 1, Page 2) for a full view of the 2 page article (.jpg format) OR follow this link for the online version... http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/travel/a/-/asia/10325821/right-royal-way-to-tour-india/

Leif Hald Pedersen, who toured the Himalayas with us in August 2011, wrote the following account of his travels which was published in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten on 13 Nov 2011.  Click the following link for the online version... http://jyllands-posten.dk/livsstil/rejser/article4598714.ece

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In January 2012, Martin & Janet Jenkins did a 3-week tour of Rajasthan with us. Back home in UK, they wrote an article about their India trip in their club’s (International Motorcyclists Tour Club) magazine, 'Tourider' (June 2012 edition).  Click here to view a PDF version of the edition (scroll down to page 8).


  On 14 August 2012, CNNTravel published an article by Deepika Sorabjee,   “More than the Taj: 11 Mind-blowing trips in India”.  Our Himalayan tours are   listed at no. 10 - “Motorcycle diaries on the India bike” .


ABOUT.COM’s India Travel section features an article by Sharell Cook, “5 Memorable India Motorcycle Tours”, Top Motorcycle tours in India.  Our Rajasthan tours are listed at no. 3.

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Chris Gillard toured with us again; this time on a 3-week tour of Rajasthan (in February) with his wife on the pillion.  His wonderful narrative (below) of the sights & experiences on the tour has been published yet again in the form of an article in the travel section of The West Australian on 04 April 2013.  (follow this link for the online version... http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/travel/a/-/asia/16551547/freedom-riders/).  On 11 April, another article by Niall McIlroy features pictures by Chris and follows our tour itinerary with a very informative fact file. Click the pages below or the following links (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3) for a full view of the articles (.jpg format)


On 15 March 2013, we featured in an article in Ultimate Motorcycling magazine titled “Destination: The Himalayas”.  The article contains pictures & information about our motorcycle tours in the Himalayas.

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David Williams did a 2-week motorcycle tour of the Himalayas with us in AUG 2013.  Australian Motorcyclist Magazine’s DEC 2013 issue featured an article by him (MOUNTAIN HI, By Royal Enfield through the Himalayas) in which he narrates a candid account of his experiences on the tour.  Click Here to download a PDF copy of the pages of this magazine.

Shruti Sunderraman explores the trend & scope of motorcycle tourism in India in this article (Motorcycle Tourism: Leaving a Blazing Trail in India) which was published in Travel Biz Monitor, a fortnightly news magazine reporting on and for the Indian travel and tourism industry.  Atul Bhardwaj’s (founder - AB original Tours) views & photos feature in this article.  Click Here to download a PDF copy of the same.

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In OCT 2014, Thiruvananthapuram Chronicle published an article on the increasing motorcycle adventure tourism in India which featured photo from our Himalayan tour as well as some excerpts from their correspondents conversation with Atul.  Click Here to download a PDF copy of the pages of this magazine.

In July 2014, Martin & Janet Jenkins returned to have yet another adventure with us, this time a 3-week tour of the Himalayas. Upon his return to UK, Martin wrote another article about their India trip in their club’s (International Motorcyclists Tour Club) magazine, 'Tourider' which featured in 2 parts (DEC 2014, JAN 2015 editions).


Click to view a DEC 2014 ,  JAN 2015(scroll down to the article within).


Chris de Blank is a photography enthusiast living in the South West of Western Australia.  She did a 2-week tour of Rajasthan with us in MAR 2014.  She made a wonderful photo book

which is available online on Blurb (Click here), perfect for your coffee table if you love India.  She also created a fantastic “View from a Bike” calendar with the photos she took on the back of her husband’s bike while on the tour.  Order online on Redbubble (Click Here).

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